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permanant brain damage frome use....

HI EVERYBODY....im sorry I havent been on as much as I like but its due to a rapidly deteriorating vision problem deep inside my brain .....im very forchanete to have Barrow neurological out here to go to....there the best in the world they have narrowed it down to
to much spinal fluid pressure on my optical nerves and a narrowing of the gap in between my brain stem and the cerabellum the point of this post is to let you know where I have been my vision comes and goes but also to tell you what else they seen they took an MRI apart a picture at a time of my brain im 49 yrs old but my brain looks like that of an 80 yr old the doctor flat out ask me if I had a chronic problem with drugs???? that he has seen this in chronic drug abusers in the past the best way to describe it it looks like 1/4 and 1/2 in gaps 2 to 3 in into my brain he said for a man my age it should look like hairline fractures so 16yr on narcotics with 6 1/2 on methadone have left permanent brain damage....he also went on to say the brain was an amasing organ and would reroute tings around the damaged area but this if to let everyone know you dont get away with this scott free  please keep me in your prayers there is a lot more testing to do and probably a surgery to correct the problem....im in Gods hands and some of the best doctors in the world im a bit nervous but God has got me threw worst Thanks for your time your C/L Mark          
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Mark, you were there for me through both of my attempts at c/t and you held me like a wounded bird in the palm of your hand with God's divine intervention. You are in His palm now and always in my prayers. I've missed you so much not a day has gone by that I haven't looked for you. No one gets away Scott free but we do get choices and freedoms and you are proof of that. I trust that God will do for you what you can't do for yourself. I am with you on your path in spirit; let the healing begin. I don't sense any fear in your post so you know you're being taken care of and are willing and prepared to put one foot in front of the other and stay clean and sober. I have faith you are going to come out the other side healthier and stronger. Sharon
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Mark, this is crazy!  I'm sorry for you and I'm sure you're nervous as anything!  Did they tell you if this was a congenital or genetic thing? Just develop over time?

Well, you're in good hands with Barrow so please have confidence and just shout if you need anything...prayers are on their way...

How is it that I always find you in the middle of the night?   I couldn't sleep so I jumped on here to look some things up and here you are on the forum
(which I HAVE to check! lol)...keep me posted on this okay?
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Its just like you to use something scary and challenging in your own life to inspire us to better physical and spiritual health.  I thank you for that.  I am also so sorry you are going through this!  I pray for God's comfort and peace as you get to the other side of this.  You are a man of Jesus'--a brother to me--doing our Lord's ministry here, and He knows how much we need your help on this site.  Who can count the number of people you help, with your selfless giving!  Please know my prayers will be with you.  Marie
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i know you don't know me but i read your posts all the time.  i am so sorry to hear about this.  i hope for the best for you.  prayers to you and i hope you get better real soon.  

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Hi gnarly,

I truly believe God puts angels on this Earth to help and guide us down here. My friend Mary Ann is one and so are you. Your guidance, wisdom, and true caring have helped many that you aren't even aware of. Thank you for all you do and for sharing your personal news with us. I find strength from your posts as do so many others. I, and I'm sure everyone here, am praying and sending positive vibes your way. God bless you, heal you, and keep you safe.

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Hi Gnarly
I too am up in the middle of the night again.  I am so sorry to hear your health challenges-though I am happy you are in such good hands.  I know that you will be taken care of...You've been such tireless well of wisdom and inspiration on this forum.  Sending prayers, love, and support....Lu
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not been on this site very long, but in the short space of time i have  seen you answer almost every post with a knowledge that only ex-addicts have, your wisdom should be bottled!! not sure whatt else to say but you are in my thoughts.take care.chris
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Hey hon...Just a note to let you know you're in my thoughts&prayers. I can't believe this!!! Thank you for putting out the message...hopefully people will heed your warning. Please keep us posted on everything when you can. Stay strong in your faith;it will guide you. Always here~A
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So sad to hear Mark. Wishing you the best. Your certainly in good hands there. Your posts of wisdom have certainly helped me along. God will help you along. Although no one knows his plan and we often wonder why, he does know best. Wishing you the best...
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Good morning Mark..Prayers are being sent for your recovery.. I understand what it is to get news that you have compromised a major organ becuase of drug use. I was very Thankful to read that the brain has the capability to rewire and that you are in such capable hands..I have confidence that you will be ok for your faith is strong and you are clean. You are a very special man with a very kind heart. Take care of you.. warmly lesa
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The brain IS an amazing organ.  I learned so much about it when my dad was sick.   You and i have talked about this and i know you are in good hands with the medical staff you have.  Keep us posted on what is going on.  When do you find out if you are having surgery?
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Thank You For Sharing!!! You Have NO IDEA on how this news probably affected others.

Isaiah 41-10

Prayers sent your way!!!
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Hi, I am sorry to have seen your post, you have always been someone I looked for when I get on here. I am glad you did post as I was clean for 6 months and then went back on vic again. I can't quite give it up, I know it is stupid as I only take a 1/2 of one every few days. I will be having my bottom theeth pulled sometime in Jan and I keep thinking I will use them anyways. In my heart I know I am just to scared to give them up completly. I hope my brain can really hear your story and understand it. I will pray for you and keep reminding myself why I needed to quit totally. Thank you for sharing your sad times but I know you didn't go through all this just to have this get you, so God will pull you through this. God Bless, Bethany
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Mark I am saddened to hear this news about your problem. I hope evrything works out for you. I know it will because God needs more people like yu here to guide all of us through the horrible life addiction can create for all of us. I and my whole church will pray for your recovery from this horrible physical problem. You ar truly an inspiration to me and many on this forum. You will be in my prayers. God Bless---Rick
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Hey gnarly,sorry about this buddy.The brain is amazing in that it will create new neuropathways to compensate for damaged areas.I have read alot about this and it says that it can really help if you can learn new things even new exercises.Also brain games and crossword puzzles etc.
I hope the best for you and hope this all works out and you have the best possible outcome for this.
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Please keep taking good care of yourself - I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  :)
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HI EVERYBODY ....I thank all who responded to my post
I have always felt the love of the members pore out in my times of need ......I had a good cry with God at church today and Ket has got me on our prayer chain the main thing I wanted to drive hom,e with this post is our abuse effects our brains more then we think wile where using it is physically damaging our brains I think if more of us new this we wouldent use at lest I hope so that MRI was an eye opener again I just want to thank all of you for your support my vision comes and goes lately more so then b/4 in between you willl find me here trying to help others may God bless all of you abundantly thanks for your support your C/L Mark  
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May God bless you gnarly_1.  I pray that God will heal  your brain and your vision, and that he will continue to give you peace.  Thank you for helping me when I needed it.  When you come at this drug use thing from a logical perspective, how could it not effect your brain.  Everything  happens from that point right?  It's the hub of our nerves and everything else.  I'm glad that you have confidence in your doctors, and faith that God can get you through this.
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You are on my list to pray to GOD when I go to bed. Hugs, dear sweet man, and GOD Bless.
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I am keeping you in my thoughts!  You have been so amazing here and I hope all goes well with your surgery.  Please know there are many out there who would not be here w/o your support.  
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You are in my thoughts I have not been online for a awhile but I am straight thanks to many of your posts and help.
Hope all goes well for you
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Be well my friend.
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mark our friend and brother,
frank and i are praying for you.
hugs and hope
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Hi Mark,
I've been away from forum for quite awhile until this am and was given a 'heads-up' about your brain injury and eyesight issues :( I just want you to know that I'm praying for you too and there's just no doubt that you are in the Palm of His Hand...
these health issues will be resolved for your good and His glory. What a scary thing to hear though..your strength has a way of strengthening us and helping us heal. I just want to thank you for  your help, even when replies were written for others, I could always find the pearls..to help me along my journey :)
I had to go elsewhere to get help for tapering of the benzos and thankfully I finished last week...though still dealing with symptoms..it's been a long lonely road.
Peace be with you
w/ love and respect
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