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35 days until 1 year

Almost 1 year.. I would of never believed it.. getting clean was absolutely the most hardest thing I have ever done.. 12 10x a day for years.. did it cold turkey and I quit smoking on the same day also.. my husband is almost 1 month clean.. rapid detox and vivitrol shot.. I’m so proud of him… finally the biggest burden is almost done..
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Congratulations on this absolutely huge accomplishment! Two huge accomplishments! You should be proud of yourself and your hubby. How are you feeling? I am 7 months off and also quit smoking the same day and my cravings are out of control (for cigarettes). I pray that you are doing well and keep us posted! I’m so happy for you!
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OMG!! Thank you!! IM SO PROUD OF YOU CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im feeling great.. it took a min to get here but it’s so well worth it.. cravings no with the cigarettes.. I had brain fog from the Vicodin for about 9 mths. If you need anything please let me know
I noticed that today is your one year anniversary and I am BEYOND PROUD OF YOU. I know this was not easy! Happy Anniversary! You should be so proud of yourself and celebrate with a good meal or movie! Thank you for your response! Most days are good but I do have some really bad days with the brain fog like you said and depression. It’s hard to concentrate but I’ll keep pushing through as you’re an inspiration. Did you do anything to help with the fog? Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE YEAR!!
Hi Honei.. thank you for those kind words.. the brain fog.. there really is nothing to help it but ride it out..
My brain fog literally didn’t go away until I was over 9 mths clean.. it was crazy.. I was fogged out for over 9 months and then like a light switch.. it was gone…. Once I got passed the cravings, sweating, depression, emotional part… everything… it was done.. i have never looked back.. I don’t think about them.. to be honest I don’t even remember what they feel like.. WHICH IS AWESOME… I know it sounds weird but I don’t.. I always tell everyone this… if I can get clean.. YOU CAN GET CLEAN… thank you again for saying those amazing words.. I’m so proud of you.. and if you need anything or ANYTHING.. please let me know..
Thank you.. my 1 year isn’t until February 26 2023.. Soo 2 more days..
Two more days…I am beyond proud of you and I hope you celebrate this huge accomplishment in the healthiest most fun way possible!  It’s one of the hardest things to ever do and this should show you how STRONG you are! And you have helped me so much! I’ve had many days where I just want to give up and am convinced I’ll never shake the depression and brain fog but reading your message has encouraged me to keep going. Like you, I quit smoking cigarettes the same day which I think about ALL DAY LONG. Congratulations you sweet human!! If there is ever anything you need also I am here to listen! Life is going to continue to bless you!
I read your comment when I was at work.. you made me cry.. thank you so much for saying those words… the very first day I was petrified beyond belief.. yes I tried quitting so many times.. I never made it past 3-4 weeks.. I truly thought those demon pills was going to be the death of me.. what’s odd with me when I detoxed.. I craved those but I never craved a cigarette.. not once.. or maybe I did but the horrible withdrawals conquered the cigarette cravings.. the brain fog was actually the worse withdrawal for me… no joke.. I started my job now when I was only 30 days clean.. the brain fog was so bad.. I couldn’t think straight.. I couldn’t put 2&2 together.. I was like that seriously until I was 9 months clean..
HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! What an accomplishment. I hope you celebrate today as if it’s your Birthday as really, it is the first birthday of a new you. Well done on maintaining a new job through all of this. I’m so proud of you. I detoxed off of these devils many years ago so I know how HARD it is and unfortunately I got hooked on other pills which I’m 6 months clean from, cold turkey also. So I know how STRONG you are. You can do anything in this world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I found this sight 6 months ago when I was desperate for help but it didn’t seem active until you came alone. Thank you and HAPPIEST ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so proud of you!! I’m here for you.. I also was just like you… I never knew of this website for the first 6 mths I think.. I was almost ready to cave cuz of how hard it was.. between cold turkey detox, quit smoking cigarettes, started a new job, I was putting on weight and the worse was my husband was still hooked on them and blowing money like no other and getting them from strangers.. I didn’t find that out until my 9 mths clean.. those demon pills had to be in my house.. and my mom found out she has cancer for the 3rd time and my sidekick dog had to have 2 major surgeries within one year.. wow!! Now if I can get thourgh all of that and stay clean.. there is hope for everyone.. thank you again you beautiful soul for reminding me how good it feels to be clean.. how hard I worked to get where I am at.. and I’m 1000% here for you..
The one thing that still blows my mind is I can’t believe how much I underestimated those pills.. I know no one takes the first one and thinks I’m going to get addicted.. I use to take those here and there.  And if I didn’t have one I wouldnt get sick and it’s whatever.. wow how dense was I.. I literally was addicted to those for 8 years.. my last dose I took was 12.. 6 when I woke up that day and 3 hrs later another 6 all at once.. to stopping cold turkey.. crazy..

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