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Detox from norco

How do I detox off 4-5 of 10/325 Norco at home
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I did it.. it was the hardest thing I ever had to do.. February 26 2023.. was my last dose.. I was up taking 12 a day.. I went cold turkey..
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I will tell you this.. I didn’t get out of bed for a entire mth.. I was foggy brain until 9 mths later from my last dose.. if you truly think you can detox at home.. I’ll help you.. but 95% do not succeed on staying clean…. Let me know when you start your detox..
I see today is your one year anniversary!! You did it! Congratulations on this HUGE achievement and special day!! You are an inspiration to me. I came in this site just now to get some help and I saw your post. Congratulations and enjoy your 1 year anniversary!!!
Thank you.. it’s crazy.. my 1 year is Feb 26th.. I literally haven’t touched a Vic or smoke a cigarette in almost a year.. I haven’t had a drink 15 months.. I don’t smoke weed.. haven’t smoked weed since Oct 30th 1996
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