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9 years of freedom...a lifetime to go

Hello everyone...Checking in on my yearly visit to report 9 years clean.  I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that I found Medhelp.  Freedom from those pain pills has been such a blessing.  I came here in 2008 sick, tired and basically at rock bottom.  The support and help was overwhelming.  I had a plan and it worked because in my mind there was no other choice.  Life is good, still working 2 jobs...hoping to retire in a couple years.  I turned 60 in March.  Still have a few bouts of depression basically from my newborn grandson and my moms death all within 30 days apart.  I can usually cure these blues with long walks and having lots of faith from above...no pills are needed :)   If you think you cannot quit please rethink....I was stubborn and felt I really needed the drug after 4 plus years.  Honestly it s not as bad as it seems...it s hard going through the WD but once you make it a couple weeks it gets so much easier.  I felt bad for about 4 months but so worth the freedom you get at the end...no more chases, worries or destruction.  When diving in you have to know you can never touch the drug of your choice again...not even once.  You have to want your sobriety to last all your remaining days.  Make a plan, have your WD needs, pray a lot and do it.  I hope everyone is doing well....this is a great place. stick around and get the help and support you need...no one will be judged.  God bless us all...much love and respect.    MM
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I am SOOOO excited to see your update!!!!  Congrats my special friend on your 9 yrs!!!  We really were quite a mess 9 yrs ago werent we!  We have had many joys during this period and we have had great losses also.  We have stood strong thru the bad and worked thru the emotions as painful as they are.  It feels so good to be going thru this thing we call life clean. I think about you often MM and am so glad you have been a part of my recovery.  Much love and respect to you~     sara
Sara...thank you.  Yes we were a mess.  You truly helped me overcome so many fears and I am forever grateful.  I think about you too throughout the year and so many others.  I will never forget all the modes we went through and how we remained so strong.  We are very blessed for this.   Hope all your family is well including your fur kids.   We have 4 furries now....yes I m nuts lol.  Next year for the big 10 let's go to NYC.  I love you friend  ❤
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Great post. Congrats!
Thank you  
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Congrats so nice to hear a post like this I'm 1 yr clean and this site saved my life too.
I m so glad it did.  Congrats on 1 year...it's a big milestone
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Congratulations and kudos to you merrymaria on 9 years clean. That is a huge accomplishment.
You wear your recovery well.
I am so happy for you and very proud of you.
Thanks for checking in. We love to hear these
Wonderful updates.
Keep on keepin on.
GOD bless you.
Thank you Debbie....It means a lot.  I take my days,  months, years very seriously keepin on every day.   Thank you for the blessing  ☺
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9 years Merry!!!! Congratulations!!!! Gosh I so appreciate that you make this yearly post:)) It brings back so many memories of when I first arrived You Sara so many that made getting clean such a awesome adventure I will never forget the comradeship we all shared!! Whoo Hooo  Merry Has 9 years!!!! way to go! see you next year Merry for your big 10 Keep doing your thing 100% present and accounted for!! warm hugs, lesa
Thank you so much lesa...it's so hard to believe next year will be 10 years.  Sharing keeps us strong  :)
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Congragulations to you!  Damn good job!
Thank you motye51...appreciate that :)
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