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Addicted to Fioricet - Did it again

Well, I was on fioricet for years...taking up to 6 a day. I finally got off it the hard way and was free of it...or so I thought.  Then I asked my dr for a prescription again thinking I could handle going back on it every now and again...and it worked fo the first 2 months but then as my body became accustomed to that aura you get when you first take that pill on an empty stomach....I knew I was in trouble again.   So here I sit writing to all of you again while I am going through withdrawals and nasty migraine headaches and I cannot get a refill until Wednesday to begin my tapering once again.   I learned my lesson this time around.   I want to live my life and this drug takes life away from us and those we want to spend time with.  Please if you are on this drug, do whatever you can to get off, and if your dr recommends this drug, run very fast away from him/her.  
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So sorry to hear this.
These type of meds (any opiates) are so powerful that they can start are Addictive brain back up quickly. I really do believe that there is NO way we can control these type of meds once we have the Addiction gene or whatever. It all comes down to our Addictive Brains and what happen when we use. Some ppl can take these as prescribed but for us it is a dangerous area to go to.
If you plan to get more and taper, I sure would give them to someone else to dull out to you. Just be safe and I wish you all the best.
I took this med for many years and successfully tapered off 6 years ago.

One of the problems I see is your inability to discuss this with your doctor. As long as you keep getting those refills, you'll be stuck in this cycle.

There's no such thing as taking a drug we've been addicted to "once in a while". You've found this out. You'll need to slowly taper off and stay off.

I don't imagine we'll hear from you very soon. Today is Wednesday and you've probably picked up your refill.

I know it's hard to stop but you can do it with support and aftercare. Let us know how you're doing.
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Excellent post, Vickie!
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