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Am I addicted to Lorazepam after only 2 weeks?

Am I addicted to Lorazepam after only 2 weeks on .5 mg 2 times a day? A few days ago, I tapered down to .5 mg once a day and it seemed more or less fine but yesterday I didn't take my dose at all and then in the evening started feeling terrible: got really dizzy after some moderate exertion. Things are complicated by the fact that I also two weeks ago started on 10 mg Lisinopril for hypertension. In late evening, my heart and pulse began to race. I then took a .5 mg Lorazepam but I continued to have these frightening symptoms for hours. Could it have been due not to side effects of the Lisinopril but to withdrawal from Lorazepam? How would I taper off such a low dose? Any feedback would be welcome.
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Talk to your quack about a diazepam taper ... the last few days are rough, but this benzo's half-life (liike clonazepam-- 24-48 hrs.) allows you to withdraw in a more humane way. It's Standard Operating Procedure; lorazepam's half-life puts it up there in the notorious Xanax territory -- very short (~10 hrs.), and if you've only been in for two weeks, gives you this medically-approved route to freedom ... just be sure you follow your drs. advice -- seven to ten days, and you'll be out.

Then -- no more benzo's or "near-benzo's" -- the dreaded "Z" drugs -- Imovane being the main offender.

Good luck.

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... I should add that you 're on a low dose of lorazepam (aka Ativan), and with hypertension issues, it's unadvisable to do this on your own.

Please keep your BP monitored, and perhaps you can escape this with a shorter diazepam (Valium) taper.

Then stay the hell away from benzo's -- stay on them, and your brain will be re-wired (research GABA), and you'll surely have more misery than anyone deserves.

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Thank you very much, Hugh, for your extremely quick response to my post. Will stay on the .5 once a day until I get scrip from doctor for Valium taper. Hope to do it within the next few days. Went on the Lorazepam because I was so freaked out about the sudden diagnosis of VERY high BP 4 months after quite normal readings (nothing seemed to lead up to this) and then I got hit by a car that same day, which sent me into a spiral of anxiety attack. But now really, really want to get off the Lorazepam ASAP, but of course in a safe way. Will try to control anxiety in some drug-free way in the future. Years ago, I had a bad reaction to Paxil and swore I would stay away from all this stuff. Should have known better.
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Glad to help -- I've been dow the benzo road too many times ...

That's quite the trauma you've had -- my advice is based on experience, with medical supervision, which is the only way to play this out. I've been dealing with hypertension issues (poorly; hope I don't blow a brain-pipe through negligence) as well, so I hope your doctor understands the Ativan issue as per standard guidelines.

You're not too deep into the benzo's; I expect you'll be all right there.

Again, best of luck. Life is a bit too much sometimes, but maybe this will work out for you.
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Been on Ativan - total 2mg  per day for 1mo (taken 4 times per day .50mg
My dosage this week has been reduced by .25mg
SO TOTAL per day is 1.75mg.
Pray tell your experience coming off 2 mg ativan after a month.
I have alot of rebound anxiety, chills, muscle aches.
Does it get easier?
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I just want to point out this post is quite old, and you will probably get more up-to-date responses if you post a new question.

You should be okay if you follow the doctor's taper, but if you are having symptoms, call the doctor and maybe they'll have a way to deal with it.
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I'm on it to but 1mg at night n only for ten days so I can sleep ..... The WD from opiates are horrible so dr thinks these will help I don't plan on taking them past that...... Hopefully by the time they r gone i'll be able to fall asleep on my own! I wish the best for u!
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