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Any ideas or opinions that would help me ?!

Mannnn! Where do I begin, for three years now I've been addicted to roxy 15s. A lil over three years ago I got hurt at work and got prescription Percocet for 4 - 6 months. They prescribe me 10 mg Percocet and I begin to do them everyday. After a year I went to roxy 15s for two years.. I began to depend on this pill everyday in fact every few hours, I would be so high on Percocet I would over work my body and pay for it the following few days and giving my self a reason to want to take more then 4 a day..its hasn't felt like I've been on Percocet for three years now but reality is I've have.

this past weekend I told my self I'm done and no longer wanna be addicted to Percocet. Yesterday which was Monday was my first day clean and let me tell you I was very sore and I still am, I have zero energy to leave my house or do anything at all, I get hot and cold flashes every 10 minutes, my legs jump they are absolutely restless, my arms are the same way skin just feels like its crawling, I can't sleep to save my life I've been tossing and turning since 9pm Monday night ( which was yesterday) I'm so uncomfortable and irritated, I quit cold turkey what in the world can I do to make this better I refuse to relapse and I WONT.. I've smoked some pot hoping it would help with at least the sleep unfortunately It didn't, it's now 5:15 am Tuesday morning going into day two with no Percocet what will help me sleep or get thru any of these problems I'm having that I'm sure everybody else had while we go thru this thing called withdrawal
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Hello Locouno.. Welcome the forum.. Congratulations on day 2 !! Yes there are a few things that can help. Hot showers our baths with Epson's Salts will help tremendously with the body aches and restlessness at least while you are in there !! Take as many as you can force yourself to take. Bananas Apple juice are good for the restlessness these have potassium that you need. They also sell a product called Hylands restful leg it will help with the rls in the legs and arms as will the baths/showers. it would also help to get a good multi vitamin on board If you are not eating get some protein drinks and drink these they have a lot of nutrients also grab some sports drinks to help balance your electrolytes It is very important that you stay hydrated. If having bathroom issues Imodium will help, Forcing yourself to walk if you can exercise also helps a lot you need to get your brain producing those feel good endorphin the opiates have taken over and the only way to do this is thru movement. Last a good positive attitude will help you to go far.. this pain last about a week with day 3 and 4 usually being the worst and the about 5 weeks to get the sleep back and stabilize You will feel improvement thru the whole process after the 4th our 5th day.. Pick up some relaxing teas for the anxiety our Valerian Root being emotional is normal and will pass.. I hope this is helpful I'm Happy for you You are breaking free I wish you well on your journey. lesa
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Thank you very much lesa ! I'm on day 14 and I feel great I haven't even been tempted to do a Percocet, all though I still think about them a lot. I have strong enough mind control to stay clean tho it's not worth it, but I appreciate all the help and pointers you have giving me I'm truly blessed
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