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Can you suffer withdrawal from marijuana after smoking for a month?

I smoked and ate edibles a ton over one month. Literally smoked all day long. But it was only for five or so weeks. I quit and now I have no appetite, sweating, panic attacks, restlessness…..could I get withdrawal after only one month of smoking???? Is it possible for a withdrawal to last longer than the amount of time you used? How long do the incredibly intense withdrawal symptoms normally last? Thank you to anyone who helps! I’m just terrified.
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Hey,my name is Bobby, I want to tell you a story about the vicious habit I recently quit. I'm the sales manager in Apple, usually I make around 5 to 7 hundred calls a day till the rest of which my head is bout to burst up in flames of people voices. Sure thing I'm dramatising a bit. Due to my self-observation I've got nervous once I begun to smoke day-by-day leaving my desk. I definitely need a change in my life in that period of time so I've decided to cut up on smoking. Now I'm laughing remembering me throwing away the huge pack of weed. Unfortunately it wasn't the end of this story.  At the first place I noticed that I got constant troubles with sleep, became pretty irritable and started to sweat profusely. Have almost spent a week searching for the way to fix it up. Visited the NAC club where I've heard about the https://www.deccanherald.com/brandspot/pr-spot/how-to-get-weed-out-of-your-system-fast-best-thc-detox-methods-1160151.html . People down here explained to me that it's the side effect of withdraw and taught me how to cope with it.
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You shouldn't have any ,"incredibly intense",  withdrawal symptoms.  You probably just feel strange being sober vs being high.  You probably messed with your sleep cycle if you were high every night going to sleep so it might take a couple weeks to get back to the point where you get a full nights sleep.  Other than that smoking and or eating a lot of pot for a month and then stopping won't give you severe withdrawals.  
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You are incorrect. Google marijuana withdrawal. I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with marijuana withdrawal. It took about eleven days for the worst symptoms to go away. Just because you haven’t gone through it doesn’t make it any less real. But thanks for the condescending comment!
Not sure what you thought was condescending about my comment.  You asked a question and I took the time to give you my answer.  Wasn't trying to be condescending in the least.  I stand by the answer.  You shouldn't ever experience, "incredibly intense", withdrawal symptoms if you only smoked for a month.
I notice your other post mentions that you went on a month long drinking binge.  Alcohol withdrawals a very severe and can be dangerous.  Perhaps your withdrawals are from the alcohol?  You mention that you are still drinking but not every day.  
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