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Quitting Norco

I've been taking 10-20 mg hydrocodone (1-2pills 10/325) everyday day for over ten years. I need to stop them. I know that is a small amount compared to what I've read on this forum. I cut the amount in half about a week ago. Very little sleep, restless leg, anxiety. How bad will it be when I stop completely. I know I can do research but I would like to hear from people who have gone through this.
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I did it.. 12 a day habit.. February 26 2023 was my last dose.. I’m going to be 11 months clean..
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FANTASTIC!!!  Tell us how you did it?
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Hi August,  hydrocodone physical withdrawals typically last 10-14 days with days 3-4 being the worst and things getting better each day after the fourth.  The last thing to come back to normal physically was always the ability to get a good nights sleep.  

Fear of the withdrawals is usually worse than the real thing.  You can do it.  You just have to be ok with feeling crappy for a week or two.
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Thanks Danny. I slept better last night. I took half a ten and ate a ganja cookie. I'm getting better at dealing with the anxiety. Breaking them in half, I will be done in a few days. Mentally preparing myself.
How are you feeling?  
hi Danny. I didn't do good in August. Unfortunately a new source for the pills came around. I'm embarrassed by my lack of will power.  I have limited myself to one pill a day 10/325. You wouldn't think one pill a day could take over your life. Anyways my last pill was on Christmas Day. I haven't had any real sleep since then. I  am going to be strong but it isn't easy going through life feeling like ****. I know I could just eat a pill and feel great but I'm not going to do it. 3 sleepless nights but the anxiety is starting to get better. Anyways, thanks for listening

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