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Anyone have home remedies for percocet withdrawls?

Anyone have any home remedies to make going through percocet withdrawls any less terrible?
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Scroll down to the bottom right of the screen to the health pages. Check out the Thomas Recipe. It is full of natural goodies to help ease the withdrawl symptoms! Good luck to you and I hope you stick around here. You will find a lot of good advice and tons for support
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Percocet withdrawls are the exact same as opiate withdrawls, as they are an opiate. They just vary in their degree from Heroine down to Vicodin. The best advice or suggestions I can give is remembering that withdrawls should only last 3-7 days, drink plenty of fluids to flush the drugs out of your system and keep hydrated, rest as much as you can and eat properly. The rest seems to vary from person to person. Warm showers, or sometimes cold, helped me, along with heating pads, and Advil or Tylenol. Good luck and best wishes! P.S. do you have a support system for the mental withdarwls of the drug such as a recovery program or therapist/friends?

Sara RN, clean 4 years, 2 months, 28 days
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I know what you're going through!!!

Lots and lots of Gatorade and at least 4 bananas a day helped me a bit. It doesn't last too long...likeSladylani said 3-7 days...hang in there and once it's over, you'll feel AMAZING! Get Hylands for sleep...not sure if it'll help you but you never know.
DON'T GIVE UP! Keep posting if you need anything! Oh and lots of hot showers and jumping jacks...whatever keeps your mind off of it for a few minutes!!
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HI you have been givin good advise...personally I feel a good hot soak in the tub is the best way to releave symptoms the best thing you can bring to the table is a positive attitude
this is uncofortable for everybody but its your attitude that decides if your going to suffer or not
keep in mind the symptoms are only temporary and I always tell everyone doing this
''you just got to be ok without being ok for a wile'' this to shall pass in a few days you wont be chained to a pill bottle anymore then comes the real work....staying clean thats why
SLady asked you if you have any recovery care in place it is important to treat the deseise
both N/A and A/A offer free programs theirs also addiction therapist to work one on one with
just make sure you dont leave out this critical step to your sobriety keep posting for support good luck and God bless.....Gnarly      
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I have been on 10/325 percocet 3 a day for almost a year and i took a lil more than i was suppose to each day, and now i am out for the next four days and i am having withdrawals, i don't know what to do, and i really don't want to take them anymore, please help!  
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Does anyone know how long and how bad the withdraw of one Percocet 30mg a day will b
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