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Can someone give me some guidance

Can I detox from 40/60 mgs of oxycontin using only 8 eigt mgms of Suboxone, if so how do I get started? A friend gave me the Suboxone
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that dose of oxy is in reality a cold turkey dose..or a shoort taper to quit...sub is intended/originally/for doses much higher than ur dose..using sub without a dr's guidance is not advisable....and yes 8 mgs willl help with the wd somewhat/if u end up having true hard wd symptoms which i would doubt at that dose..u will feel flu-like for a few daysu really need to see a dr but at ur dose, even 2 mgs of sub would take away the wds....

thing is..what do u plan on doing then?  the physical part is by far the easy part at ur dose of oxy..the mental part may persist for months...being so afraid of the physical wd/as it seems u r/is not really the thing to be afraid of....fear can paralyze u..think ahead if u can...relapse is the worry...have u made a plan for aftercare?  think ahead...staying/not getting/clean is the tough part

keep posting
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This is my 3rd attempt at getting clean, I do have chronic pain due to a left total shoulder replacement in 06, I have gone cold turkey 2 times before, the longest being for 77 days then a horrible pain crisis got me going again.

I am a terrible introvert, very shy. Don't tolerate pain well at all, I am amazed that I ever made it 77 days clean. I have 6 days off from work, I workin the medical field. I feel so much like a wimp that such a low dose causes me so many problems. It seems the oxyz cause more pain.

I am begging for help, I can't keep take the oxyz, they are consuming my life. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have used this forum 2 other times, trying to get a handle on this problem~~~~~~~~~~
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I just joined this forum tonight because recently had some very negative things happened in my life and I felt like I was at rock bottom. I had two choices, either to give up and allow the depression to take over or take control of my life and make positive changes.  To keep it brief, you need to find a place of complete isolation from anyone that may be able to supply you with oxys and follow a strict weening regiment until you are free from them.  I am telling you this because it truly works.  My girlfriend and I spent close to $15,000 on them over the course of 11 months. It started out with a small dose like 15mg swallowing them and at the end we were snorting close to 400mg a day not to feel the high, but to keep the symptoms away. We both had to WANT to get off of them because otherwise it won't work.  OK so here is the way to free yourself and I guarantee it will work (but remember you can not be around anyone that can provide you with more and once you determine the exact amount you will need that's it)

Figure out on average how many mg you consume in one day: (no snorting only swallowing)

Step 1: Take half of that amount for the first two days
Step 2: Decrease that amount by 25% for the next two days
Step 3: Continue to decrease the amount from the day before by 25% and take for the next to days
Step 4: Once you get to between 10 to 20 mg you take that for one day and then you are home free.

Be strong and you can do this! I had not one withdrawal symptom and didn't have a craving for more either.

I am always available if you are having trouble figuring out the amount you will need so just hit me up and I can be your support. :)
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Thanks for the advice, I do appreciate any advice, do you think it is possible to do this in 6 days and then be able to go back to work and function???

Again many thanks, Don
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Part of recovery is changing our behaviors.  You said you got the sub from a friend.  This type of med really needs to be monitored by a doctor.  It comes with its own set of problems as you probably have read about.  None of us like the wd part but that is the easy part.......staying clean is the hard part.  You have to figure out what is making you go back to those pills.  Facing our demons is not fun but it is necessary to continue in our recovery.  That is why we promote aftercare like we do.  Keep posting......time to get your life back!!!      sara
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I am also in the medical field...was at 100 mgs for 4 yrs...i took a 4 day weekend and went back to work day 5.i am a nurse..my job is not easy nor stress free..but i made it..

it sounds as if the mental part got u at 77 days..u did not give it time...as a rule it is 90 days for ur brain to heal ..ie AAs motto/90 meetings in 90 days/most of us can not do 90 meetings in 90 days//but we could do a bunch/and most resist aftercare like a root canal

I have chronic pain as well..a fusion in my neck, 2 discs that r completely gone and several more on the way...the emotional pain of using outweighed my physical pain

In reality narcs only mess up the signals to our brain indicating we r in pain..in reality they have no real pain relief and were meant to be used for acute pain only...due to tolerence and addiction, narcs are not a good choice long term for chronic pain

things like ice, heat, anti-inflamatories, massage, chiropractic/many more/actually get to the source of pain

Does ur 30 of oxy releive ur pain?  after yrs on pain meds it would be doubtful...but there r always exceptions to the rule...many pain patients end up using trying to avoid depression cos their tolerence becomes so high....keep us posted
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Thanks for responding, what is making me go back is pain associated with a left total shoulder replacement in 06. I need a way to deal with those days that horrible pain arises. Maybe I am in such denial that I think I don't have demons.

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Please tell me how you did it and was able to go back to work on day #5??

I am taking a little over 40mg a day, I would hate to think I sold myself short by 13 days!

Do you reccomend cold turkey or trying the sub. which I have never taken before, I don't want to swap one problem for another~~~~~~~~~Don
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Do you have something else wrong with your shoulder??  I would of thought with a complete new shoulder you wouldnt have pain anymore.....that has to blow.  Many of us have found that once we stopped the pain meds our pain lessened and we are able to take non narcotic meds for the pain now.  I was totally amazed that Motrin actually worked!!!  I am just concerned about you getting sub from a friend.  You will be just trading one drug for another (that is just my opinion) Keep posting         sara
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I appreciate your opinion, I just started a comment to you and it disappearred, as I was statin I work as a nurse in a very stressful enviroment, but on the other hand the job as been stable and financially lucrative.

The stress at work tends to locate itself in my neck and shoulder areas, which gets the pain going. I really, honestly think the pain is real, I just need to learn some ways to deal with it other that pain meds, they steal my life and my soul.I really need some consistent support.

I hate to judge people but I have tried several NA meetings here in Augusta and they just did not work for me, they seemed to be clickish. Again any ideas are welcome............Don
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You arent judging anyone by saying that about NA.  I tried many groups in my area until i found the right one.  It has to feel right for it to work.

Have you thought about massage therapy??  That is so relaxing.  Others have mentioned acupunture.  I see my chiropractor on a regular basis.  He doesnt just crack me and send me out the door.  He was actually a life saver for me during wd's.

You will always have support here too.  When you are really stressed you can always write in your journal too.  Sometimes just letting it out can really help.

I cant give you much help in the medical field as i faint at the sight of blood or a needle!!!   So gross!!!                      sara

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ur dose is really too low to go on sub..unless u feel there is no other way..sub is another narcotic that u will have to wd from...tougher than 40 mgs of oxy by a long shot!
How did i go back to work day 5?  I just did///and made it the whole day..in fact staying busy helps tremendously...was tired alot for a couple of mths...did a rocket shot to get out the door for work each day..but i made it

u know when u think about hurdles in life...for instance i had a bu11 load of stuff/wont go there here..that hit me all in 48 hrs recently...lost almost everything I love/loved/my job, fiance and much more...my counselor said...u r coping...In reality what other choice do we have .can we "not to cope"   what i am getting at is this is 99% upstairs...either u get positive and make a plan...or u stay in a hole and refuse to cope with the situation in front of u

This kinda stuff/addiction/ doesnt get better//only worse...it sounds as tho the physical part scares u to death..why not return to work day 5?  is it better to sit home and feel bad?  MOVING is what helps..have u tried the aminos in the thomas reecipe??in the health pages to ur right ...a work out or fast walk will produce those sorely needed endor-hins/anytime u crave/MOVE

If u think u have really given everything a shot to wd off the 40 mg oxy habit..and u feel like u can only do it by stepping up to a stronger dose of narcotic..then staying on sub is better than buying pills...but if u can not get off the oxy then u will not be able o get off the sub..sumpin has to change here/if nuttin changes then nuttin changes/..and that sumpin is ur attitude and possibly aftercare...have u ever attended a meeting? be honest...have u ever truly made a plan consisting of knowing it will take up to 90 days to let ur brain heal to at least somewhat overcome the aftermath depression of wd?  aminos and exercise helps...support is imperative..we can not do this alone as a rule

sounds as if u r in a pill induced depression...right now u feel as if u r not in control..and it because u r not in control..those pills r in control...flushing/physically watching them go away//bye bye/swishing down the toilet is empowering..until u take the control back from ur doc..they will continue to control u...they build a spider web in ur brain...u gotta let go..think back and remember who u used to be..I am guessing it is not this person u r now??

a 40 mg/day habit is ot a sub problem/unless u let it be/just think forward/how in the heck r u gonna get off the sub if u can not break a 40 mg habit?  think straight..investigate the health pages..read and learn..and above all, dont jump into deep doo doo due to fear...ur mind is in control of ur cleandom..u r....dont do anything to worsen ur situation and educate urself thoroughly on anything or any drug u turn to for help..cos in reality u r the only one that can do this...good luck
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also..i tried NA here in the deep south as well///went to 2 or 3 different meetings..down here it was mostly IV drug abusers..not pill poppers..i went and listened to foul language and tried to fit...but i did not...pill poppers r not better than iv drug abusers///we r all addicts...i gave up and started visiting AA groups/many  alcoholics cross addicted to narcs l///have found this is the norm...i had more in common with AA than NA as they were people just like me..not sayin i am better cos i am not..just that i fit in at AA...in NA i was a bit out of my league...it was not my peer group/and even after searching AA meetings it still took 4-5 meetings to find my home..but i found it and not one meeting was a waste of time..i learned sumpin at each meeting i attendd

dont judge on ur first meeting..keep going til u find ur fit..none of it is a waste of time...not even one second is a waste of time
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worried gave you some great advice and info........she knows what she is talking about
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