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Common Cold Common after Drug Withdrawal?

This is the 2nd time I've experienced a bad cold since I quit using 5 months ago.  Has anyone else experienced getting frequent colds during recovery?
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It's very plausible to have those types of symptoms. I sometimes get downright flu like symptoms with withdrawel. Muscles aching, feverish. Hate it!
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I get 'em (colds) every other week or so. Not sure why though. I'm taking care of myself with vitamins, protein drinks and just overall being a goody-two-shoes but I just can't stop sneezing. The sneezing happens everyday but the cold symptoms ony come every other week or so.

I guess it's just payback for being an oxy dunce?
Me being an oxy dunce...not any of you fine folks.
OTC Cold meds don't seem to help neither.
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