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Day 7 of pills ughhh but managing

Been on pain killers for 10 years slowly upping how much I took through the years. I have been taking about 15 5/325 daily for quite a long time. Went cold turkey last week and making it. I stopped for 9 months last year then lied to myself and slowly started taking again, then was taking more than I ever had. I felt so good those 9 months being sober. Knowing I will feel better is what keeps me going that and God. Its HARD!!! day 6 was the best and today day 7 seems one step back. Looking forward to better days ahead. I do love not having to count pills!! or worry I will run out. That feels amazing.
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Hi Pollyanna. Welcome. Your are doing it one day at a time and you will reach the other side again! Each time seems a little harder so just remember to be patient and don't give in. As you know, it will pass but staying clean is the hard part. Hold on to your faith, you will be blessed and seek out your choice of aftercare! Much love and support your way!
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Amen not counting pills worrying about running out that's beyond wonderful l was on over 200 mg of oxy didn't start that way you know how that goes I have a back injury I'm trying manage the pain without pain meds I'm 2weeks without congrats you got this I have been off 3 weeks from work tomorrow I go back not sure I will be able to work without the pain meds I wait table time will tell keep a positive attitude work the program get to a meeting keep us posted
Thanks so much for support. I made it through today and it felt good to be sober..even though the WD are still with me. Pain Pill addiction is a true monster. I have so much empathy now for people that struggle with addictions. Love you guys!!
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Hi Polly congrats on 8 days clean now!!!! your off to a great start....as for day 6 being better then day 7  that is just how recovery goes you will get some bad days mixed in....recovery takes time you dont beat a 10 yr habit over night....right now it  is time for aftercare....this is a critical step that will make the difference of you staying clean or relapsing....there are many forms of aftercare and I have tried most...first the pastor of my church...then a addiction therapist....then a substance abuse counselor...all kept me clean but I still was stuck with the addict in my head and all the addictive behaviors....out of desperation I tried  N/A and it has been the magic bullet for this addict....it is the only progam that I know of that treats the addict....it is convenient it is free and with time and working the steps you will loose the desire to get high....something I thought was impossible.....the meetings are only a hour long and will give you some place to share where the people will understand......long after the pills stop the addictive behaviors dont your still stuck with the obsessions compulsions resentments and that never ending obsession for instant gatafacation...this wont go away on it own and is hard to live with....the real key here is you dont have to live with it ...  the progam will give your life structure something most addicts dont have it addresses the behaviors and you will learn ways to over come them.....N/A has given me my life back   and a amazing one at that.....today I am blessed...I have 5 grown children all successful a loving wife of 36yrs and 4 grand children 3 of witch live right next door to me...I often say I lost everything to dope....but I did not loose anything I choose to give it away....today im blessed to have a moderate house  just bought a brand new car and im finachly stable something I could never have living in active addiction....just know this disease does not have to control you life  there is a alternative and you will find it in the rooms of narcotics anomious  google a meeting near you.....step out of your comfort zone and go....you dont even need to speak just lissen....you will be amazed by what you here...and you will soon realize your not alone......I once thought ''addicts'' where someone in a allie's shooting dope.....now my perspective has changed...come to find out there are literately millions of addict like myself  just another ordinary joe....there are people from all walks of life...lawyers doctors nurses architects engineers carpenters auto mechanics the list goes on and on ...when you get there you will be welcome with a hug and for most you will feel right at home......this is the best thing I know of to help get your life back please try a meeting as always keep posting for support
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