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Does zolpidem prevent temazepam withdrawal symptoms?

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, since I have never abused medications, but I think I might be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from prescription medications, so I thought I would seek information here.  I previously alternated between temazepam and zolpidem for sleep.  I also take gabapentin.  Three weeks ago I stopped temazepam and tramadol.  I am taking zolpidem every night now and continue gabapentin 3x a day.  I don't crave either of the meds I quit, but I have been experiencing inability to concentrate, ringing in my ears, vomiting, blurry vision, sweating, confusion, anxiety and mood swings.  The symptoms wax and wane and I can't find a pattern.  The seem to occur as a cluster, meaning all symptoms occur together and come on suddenly.  I can't find the pattern.  I suspect withdrawal, however since I am taking zolpidem, does that rule out temazepam withdrawal?  IDK what is happening because I don't crave anything, but I feel awful.
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Sound like w/ds to me. It seems that each med has it's own issue of detoxing out of our system, let alone the Brain chemistry that has to adjust back. A Benzo w/d is the worst and you also are detoxing from the Trams. Just make sure you drink tons of water to help rid the toxins. There are certain natural vit/min you can take to help you calm down a bit and sleep..BUT most w/ds have to do there cycle. Give this time and hang on to that patience on the way. You might go threw some stages as you so called heal. Most of the healing process takes weeks to months, but this all depends on Age, Health, how many MG in one day and how many Yrs on these. We are here to help, so keep us updated. I am sure others will chime in. Wishing you the best and Congrats on getting off these type of meds.
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