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Today is down to 6 pills. When I first came to this place to post nobody thought I could do this but every one of us has a diffrent strength. My plan is beliveing in myself  Then my family I know that any body can do anything they want to as long as you set you mind to it. I havent cheated are ever will and I won't go back. The future is worth living for not these pills' There is a reason that I belive in tappering in doing it slow is because you need to have you mind in body come back to normal functning skills. I feel better every day in do not crave that is the most wonderful feelling. I don't get a high from the medication that I'm tappering from I take the dose that I do to get my mind back to normal. today is day 85 down from 20 pills a day to 6 pills a day now thank God. well good luck to every body out there.

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Way to go!  Keep up the good work!  I know it's worth it!
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