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Early Roll Call!!!

I thought I'd do an early Roll Call due to New Year's coming up. I know that's a trigger for many so I thought this might help!! For newer members I post these usually the 1st of the month for everyone to post their clean time no matter how long it may be.

Everyone here is at different stages in their journey; some just starting out and some clean for years. For those just starting please know that it is tough in the beginning but does get easier and living clean is so worth the effort!! Yes we all must make changes in our lives to do this. The important thing to remember is that it can't be done alone. This website is great for support. Aftercare is a must however, I believe, especially in the beginning.

So let's set a record for posts this time guys!! I want to hear from everyone no matter what your clean time is-hours, days whatever. I'm at 1054 days and it's been a struggle recently but I'm hangin in there!! For those with longer clean times what helps you through the beginning? Stay strong everyone and congratulations on that clean time!!!!
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3 of the longest and ugliest days of my life!  And I am thankful for this site and everyone on it!
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Theres my girl!!!  We have some catching up to do!

I think i am at 1705 days, i better check cuz addict3 will need that number to figure his out!!  lol
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addict..the correct number is 1706!
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hey there!  44 days clean here!  :)  
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78 glorious days here!! Wow! seems wierd even typing it! :)
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Five months on Xmas day
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5 days today
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Happy triple digits girl!!! :) Im right on your tail!
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2 years and 8 months

What helped in the beginning:  Changing routines, talking about IT, getting involved in different activities like swimming every single day, READING...
Distraction definitely works!
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5 painful days
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Ty so much sweetheart!!!!  :-)   Come on, I'm waiting for you!
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135 days...I've recently re-discovered the pure joy I get from practicing yoga and I've also been taking long, cold walks in the woods with the pups--so thankful that I can take it day by day and stay sober- due in part to this wonderful site.

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I'll be 16 months on January 3rd.

Congratulations on everybody on their clean time :)

Lets make 2013 a positive year where we all achieve great things :)
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27 days...coming up on 30.  Can't wait for my meeting on Wednesday to collect my hard earned 30 day coin.   Doing this through rehab was a cake walk compared to this....so I worked hard to get my new 30 day coin.   To those starting out, the first week is the hardest, then it truly does get easier.  Learning to live life in our new skins and minds has its ups and downs, but it really is worth it to not be chasing after, counting, obsessing and obtaining pills.  :)  
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102 Days , Happy , healthy ,
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267 days! (April 7th, 2012) I hit meetings, have a home group, have a sponsor, work the steps and have positive visions of the future that keep me on track today! Also keeping busy with a wife, kids, the gym, hiking, camping, etc keeps me way happier than booting dope ever did :) Much love medhelp family!
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81 days this go around and never felt better!

Congrats to everyone on there clean time.

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292 days here!!!!  And after all the pain and suffering with this disease, it is so worth it!!!!  Our lives are worth living, i am so thankful i am clean today and its still hard and i only hope it gets easier but i am not turning back, only moving forward.  

Thank you to all my medhelp friends for getting me to where i am today, i will be forever grateful!
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Hey everyone !!!! I'm at 147 days! This had been the best 147 days in a VERY long time and I owe tht to all of u!!!! Congrats everyone!!!!
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222 days clean today!!!!
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417 days today! Or 17. I was given Percocet for the miscarriage and I did take about 6 total from a 20 pill bottle for the cramps I had that were God awful.  But I don't know if it counts-still feel like I cheated some.
Hope that everyone has a happy New Year! I still cant comment on others status's or send PM messages.....LOL
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25 days thanks to all of you.
Congrats to everyone for your clean days.
Life is good.
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