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Getting off Suboxone

Hello Everyone -

I read people's journey and it's heartbreaking.  I am an executive and travel all over the world for my work. I was taking Vicoprofen for over ten years....it became a nasty addiction and I started filling scripts with different doctors all over the US under different spelling of my name and not going through insurance.  My life became about counting pills and the rituals that went with it.  I was paying about $2000 a month in Vicoprofen at various Walgreens, CVS, etc.  I would mix it with alcohol for an extra high.  In addition to the pharmacies, I started buying it off the street at $8 a pill...and I got to about 600 pills a day, 7.5/200mg.  When I would travel to other countries, I would go to a hospital emergency room, show them a pill bottle and tell them I needed more because I was staying longer, which they would do.  In New Zealand I was banned from it because of risk of abuse.  Why am I telling this story?  Because I ran out on a flight from Singapore to Los Angeles and for the first time in ten years, I went into withdrawals.  I felt like a junkie, because I was one.  

I put myself into rehab and was given Suboxone.  Over FIVE years (yes FIVE), I went from four films a day to three to two to one to half to a quarter.  I am trying to get off Suboxone, but I can't get off the last of the 1mg I am on.  Can anyone give me a tip?  I want to be done with this journey.

For those of you that are on Vicodin or any other pain killer - free yourself from that demon.  You CAN do it!  
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I wanted to chime in. I am a former 24mg a day suboxone user and was on them for almost 7 years.  I did NOT taper, as you are doing....I just quit cold turkey on January 1st, 2014....I have been clean ever since.

You have to jump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
You will have some w/d still....it's just the nature of the beast, but you can totally handle it.  It's still going to suck....but if you can take some time you really need to just make the jump.  Even coming off of .25mg has some after effects, so I don't know if your goal is to avoid ALL w/d???  Because if it is, i'm not sure that's realistic.  But you've gotten down so far....why not just jump?
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Thank you for your answer, I really appreciate it.  I can't believe how difficult it has been to taper down.  Very frustrating and I know I have to jump...FML I don't know how you did it from 24mg - but after four years, your body was probably at the same state had you tapered down like I did.  Thanks for your story.  How long did the w/ds go for you?
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When I did the math....going down 1mg every couple of months...it would've taken almost 3 YEARS for me to get off......HELL NO!  So I kind of figured do I want to feel like **** for 3 years or mega **** for a few weeks.....I chose the later, but it lasted approximately 30 days for the serious w/d symptoms. I then tried to go back to work, but my inside still felt like tapioca....but coming off of 1mg shouldn't take as long as long as you do it right and take care of yourelf!  Taking certain vitamins and minerals to compensate for what your bodies going to be wanting....drinking LOTS of water and gatorade.....rest....Ibuprofen (I ususally took 600mg every 6 hours)....Immodium A.D. for the stomach issues.....(make sure your at home with a bathroom!!!!!)
There are people on this site that jumped from .5mg and 1mg and it lasted 7-10 days roughly.....and you go into it knowing it's going to suck but there is a light at the end of tunnel that you WILL get to......
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While I wasn't on subs but 28 days total.....I was on 16 mg....and I jumped off at 16 mg too.  Granted, I was totally CLUELESS about subs at that time.  I had myself down to 100 mg of hydrocodone a day....and my primary dr suggested the subs cause she used to work for this dr.  They STARTED me at 16 mg of subs which is equivalent to about 480 mg of hydro.  I was a CRAZY women.  My w/drawals were HORRID....I didn't even drive a car for 90 days!!
You can jump off 1 mg.....you just need a plan.  The subs will be TOTALLY out of your system at 21 days......then you will be free of the physical part of addiction.  Then comes the mental and spiritual part.....we have to fill those "holes" that addiction leaves with healthy thinking and new habits.
I wish you well....you CAN do it~
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