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Help.....need advice before tomorrow

I posted yesterday  Oxy's ruined my life but know what?  Thanks for the advice. I am hoping someone else has been in this situation. If you read my rather long post, I explain that i got so angry this month, threw away my oxy's in the toilet and kep;t enough to wean off. I am on day 6 and doing well w/d My problem is for the first time the pain clinic called and asked me to come in for a pill count.....I have no pills left. As other people pointed out, they have heard every trick in the book. Please post any suggestions. My one thought is to bring my wonderful wife in with me, and explain that for the past 5 months she has or my son has been distributing to me daily because I couldn't trust myself. For whatever reason, I thought that I could handle taking them myself this month...and then I threw em' out and want to stay off them if possible. My additction still tells me to keep on them with my wife giving them to me. I really want to be off them but don't know if I can take the pain...we will see as I continue without them. I feel like xcxvb in my back and legs but in my head...It is clear and full of emotion and optimism.

Anyway, please give me your opinion on how to handle this. I still want to be able to have trust and honesty with the pain clinic. Thanks for everyone's support since I am new. J
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I think you should go in to your doctors office & be completly honest. Your doctor will not just cut you off of them b/c you admit your problem. You just might gain someone in your corner to help taper you down.I remember I was sooo scared to tell my doctor what was going on b/cI knew afterwards their was no turning back. my addict brain wanted the option of being able to get more drugs from him if it got too hard .I am praying for you and I hope it turns out well.
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Sounds like a good a time as any to come clean and admit the problem so that they can help. If not, this is likely to continue as i have found that we addicts have zero self control. I hope all goes well for you and you will be in my prayers. Luv, Jacky
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