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I thought this was powerful

Open letter to my family

I am chemically dependent.  I need help.

Don’t allow me to lie to you and accept it for the truth, for in so doing, you encourage me to lie.  The truth may be painful but get to it.

Don’t let me outsmart you.  This only teaches me to avoid responsibility and to lose respect for you at the same time.

Don’t let me exploit you or take advantage of you.  In so doing, you become an accomplice to my evasion of responsibility.

Don’t lecture me, moralize, scold, praise, blame or argue when I am in the throes of drinking or using.  And don’t destroy my alcohol or drugs. You may feel better but the situation will be worse.

Do not accept my promises.  This is just my method of postponing pain.  And do not keep switching agreements.  If an agreement is made, then please stick with it.

Do not lose your temper with me.  It will destroy you and any possibility of helping me.

Do not allow your anxiety for us to compel you to do what I must do myself.

Do not cover up or abort consequences of my drinking or using.  It reduces the crisis but perpetuates the illness.

Above all, do not run away from reality as I do.  Addiction, my illness, gets worse as by abusing continues.  Start now to learn to understand and to plan for my recovery and yours.  We all need help from a doctor, a counselor, a psychologist; a recovered alcoholic, drug addict and God.  We cannot help ourselves.

I hate myself, but I love you.  To do nothing is the worse choice you can make fro us.

Please help me,

Your Addict
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This is very powerful. Did you write it or where did it come from?
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