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Its That Time! August 2015 Roll Call!!

Well....I missed last months roll call and this one is very late but better late then never. So with that said, its roll call time. This is a thread where you introduce yourself and post your clean time. You do not have to be clean to participate...rather, use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself. For those that are clean, please share about it and spread the message of hope and recovery.  
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I will kick it off. My name is ABN and I have been clean for 5 1/2 years. My sobriety date is 2/2/10.

Its good to see old faces on here as well as new ones. Keep fighting the good fight!
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Hi!! Well I've been clean goin on 6 1/2 yrs. Keep up the fight everyone!! Take care all...
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My name is crbj83 and I have been clean two days.... Not much .... But Its a start.  I was clean for a lil over a year.... Relapsed..... Gggrrrr hating myself..... But I'm at it again.... Just keep pushing. Thanks everyone for encouragment.
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Good to see you Evan! Glad you posted Roll Call :)

I guess I'm @ (counts on fingers).. 2 yrs. & 8 mos. :)

Congrats to all, especially the newbies!!
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Hey Annie, good to see you too :)
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in the house....
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8 days. Hey
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Still here...... since jan 1, 2014.....still attending N/A, still learning and growing and still clean! Im am very proud if myself and thankful for the people around me!
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My sobriety is measured in months, not years.  7 months of clean time.   I HAVE been going to the oral surgery clinic and getting a tooth pulled every month.  I have 15 teeth left.  When those are gone I'm off to the colonoscopy clinic.  My clean time still counts, right?


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Hi ABN, glad you and this thread are back. Like Motye, I go to meetings almost daily at over 14 months. It's the difference between being clean and sane vs using and insane for me.
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9 mos
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22 months here. Have started taking 10mg, 2x day., the last week. The back surgery didn't work. Between that and the nerve pain I can't stand it. So the pills make it bearable. Hope that still counts

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Hi everyone....1013 days for me!  Thanks ABN for the post....congrats everyone on their clean time or the desire to stop.  :)  
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Cool post!!
I have no idea how many days…maybe 3 months? Still have issues but normalcy is dull:) Different day every day.
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Hi, Im Karen.... almost 9 months here off the pills...and almost a year no alcohol!  Im currently weaning off and anti depressant and a benzo and it has been HELL!!!  Havent been around much cause I can't do much computer these days....  But I'll  be back to my old self one day!!!!
  Congrats to all on your clean time....one day or 10 years, its all awesome!!!  
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Hey all, thank you for the support and congratulations on staying clean. Today is 23 days for me
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Hey  Family  im greatful to be here greatful to be here clean...  congrats on everyone on the list  we all do this just for today  I been clean a wile now  my tracker said 2139 days off my biggest nemesis Methadone and now around 50 months off benzos  I works the N/A progam and it is working for me  again  congrats to all on this list  even one day is a big deal if you never did it b/4............Gnarly
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i wil have 60 days sept 2 still going to meetings and working with my sponsor and therapy getting better and better
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38 days today! Feeling better each day....Thanking God for giving me another chance to change my life for the better!
Congratulations to all those here either 1 day or 1000 days its all good! Just the choice you made to stop chasing the pill is a feat in itself! Be proud of yourself and the rest will follow!
Love to all!
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yay kelly!  keep going girll you can do it!!!

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10 months yesterday!!!
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Wow! Congrats to everybody! Great job!

Hopefully we get some more to check in!
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It's wonderful to read everyone's post and so encouraging. Limping along at day 6. I have searched out meetings to attend starting tomorrow and I'm reaaly looking forward to it.
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My name is Vickie and I have....

1071 days from using this or that for over 40yrs..(off&on)
I DO work aftercare in many ways. Would not be here if I did not..Still a Babe in the woods!

4159 from the Bars and the Stores.

Thanks to all the ones who have always been here for me and mostly during my losses of my Parents and other family members in such a short time, to having 2 Heart Procedures. I have faith that it has calmed down for awhile here..lol

Bless us ALL for taking that first Step and continuing to build our Foundation toward Recovery.
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