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Its That Time! September 2014 Roll Call!!

Hey everybody! Its that time again! This year is sure flying by. Its already September! So anyways...here we are. This thread is a place where you can post your clean time or just introduce yourself. You do not have to be clean to post here. If your "lurking" take this as an opportunity to introduce yourself. If you have some clean time, post it so it can encourage and inspire others by showing them it can be done. This forum is a great place. Old and new members alike contribute everyday and share whats worked for them in recovery. I like to encourage that because there are so many different recovery options out there. You just have to find what works for you.

Hope everyone is having a safe and clean labor day weekend!

Go Dodgers!
Go Cowboys!
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Hey ABN..thanks for this. According to my tracker I have 2,551 days clean from all mind or mood altering substances. I love to see everyone's clean time. It helps me to stay accountable and clean.
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Oh yeah....GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
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Oh yeah....if you dont go to the "social" side of the forum....and your new, just wanted to let you know there is a football pool over there. Its tons of fun and ran by the wonderful IBKleen. Get your picks in now!

And for me.....tomorrow will mark 4 years 7 months clean and serene.
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Here's the link to the football pool in case your new and don't know how to get there

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Thanks for posting this, ABN. But the Dodgers??  Oh no, I am an SF Giants fan!  Dear dear...

I haven't taken an RX pain pill in about 5 months after taking them for a broken leg and surgery.  Prior to that, I was clean for approx 1 year from abusing Roxicodone.

Best wishes to all!
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796 days off 250mgs street methadone
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Haha... Yes, die hard Dodger fan since I was a kiddo. The Giants aka "the hated ones"... Grrrr :)
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Well, im still here with 8 months today. Every day is getting better. Cooking pulled pork, baked mac, string bean casserole, cole slaw and pineapple upside down cake...kids are home, radio is blaring, and LIFE IS GOOD! I thank God every day for this group and N/A!
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Motye, I will be right over. Save me a place at the table, will ya?
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My tracker shows 2,316 days so we will see if Addict3 can do his math now!!!

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Thanks Evan!    Great job to ALL of you guys ;)

my tracker, as I was just reminded by a friend on here, says 777 days!!
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Thanks ABN !!!
I have 9 months, 1 week and 2 days off maintenance Subutex : )
I also have about 2 years, 7 months off Heroin : )
Thankyou all for your support !!!
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No problem! Lets eat!!!!
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I want the cake!!
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There's cake???????????
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425 days clean and they continue to get better! I think it is a long process completely healing all of the circuitry I doggedly rewired with substances over a lifetime.
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Let them eat cake!  Just save me a piece...haha

4 years, 5 months and doing great!
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654 days!!  congrats everyone on their clean time!!!  save me some cake too!!   :)))  
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Man these months and this year is flying by unlike the first cpl months  when I was sicker than a dog (what ever sicker than a dog  means, haha)  but im happy 2 say im 219 days clean from being addicted 2 Hair-Ron ....I just went thru a lil stint of opiate use (prescribed of course for Kidney Stone) but stopped day after surgery  I still have the stent in my ureater 2 prove it (it comes out this week)!!! Keep up the hard work ppl!!!  
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Wow!!!you all got some awesome clean time. I guess I am just a puppy a brand new puppy with 50 awesome days but I have no problem getting there Iwant to thank my MH family for giving me the strength and courage,wisdom to get where I am today!!!! :-) :-) :-) THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!!  One better person now.
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Great Job Everybody!!!

I have 708 days from all mind altering drugs..Street drugs and prescribed.

Today on 9-1-14, I am 22 days away from the 2 year mark and they were the most hurtful & shocking 2 years I will never forget, as most of my MH Friends know what I have been through. However a BLESSING to be Clean and Sober..Would not of made it if I was not Clean and Sober..lol

3796 from booze

Still working on Cigs..Might just take a small puff once in a great while. My Heart does not like these things. Doing better & better everyday.

Bless U ALL
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Jeez all you guys have so long lol I'm the baby here. 23! Long hard clean days off of heroin oxy morphine and methadone! Although long very worth it! Im in love with getting my life back.
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Hi every one good to see you great to see you clean congrats on everybody here whether it be 1 day or  a month or years clean we all do this just for today....for me it is 1780 days clean from methadone and 34months from benzos keep pushing forward and welcome to your new life clean..................Gnarly.................................
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Oh Gosh! Is there any cake left? (sniffs air & looks for telltale crumbs:)

Kudos Everyone on all your hard work, on building new lives & on staying the course! (A particularly hearty congrats to glassguy & Ashleigh!)

Occasionally still amazed @ 616 days off Methadone & Heroin.

Grace & Joy to you all! :) Keep rockin' it.
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