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Detoxing off 5mg methadone

Been on methdaone since 2000 but on 5 mgs last 2 years. I cannot afford the clinic fees anymore so need to get off methadone now. My last dose was 5am on monday so no methadone tues, wed and today. When will the methdone be out of my body and when does the withdrawal symptoms get bearable?
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Well it's been 13 months since I posted this and still drug free. Became a 1st time grandfather to twin identical girls 2 weeks ago. I feel great for 1st time in 25+ years without any drugs in my system. Wish I had done this 24 yrs ago.
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I used Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Bee Pollen granuales; ate really really clean, lots of dark green leafy foods and lean protein, drink bone broth and LOTS of water for flushing; when I couldn't eat i used those meal replacement shakes which would make me feel a bit better even just for a couple of hours (I FORCED THEM down my throat!); I used L-Tyrosine after a few weeks to help with the brain fog, it did actually help.  
Take Motrin (take 3/4 at time if you have to, no different than a Motrin 800), they do help.  

I took a ton of Epsom salt baths every day.  I kept headphones on as I found music helped me immensely...nothing too dark as it will mess with your head!!! One thing I found that made me feel better was watching stand up comedians...kind of weird I know, but laughing helped alot.  Try to sit in the direct sun as much as possible as that will help with your vitamin D level.  

Most of all just come to terms with the fact that this is going to be a process that takes a little time.   Being on methadone for 22 years (no matter what amount) is going to be hard to detox from.  Your not going to sleep....don't sweat it b/c there's not much you can do about it and you will eventually crash.  We don't die from lack of sleep.  For the RLS....this is what I used (though I know it's going to sound weird)....I tried the Highlands Homeopathic med but didn't work for me.  My husband bought me some really tight diabetic sock/stocking things from the pharmacy.  There tight and compress.........they helped alot!  

Keep coming on this site and we will keep checking in to see how your doing.  Most of us have done exactly what your doing right now....so talking might be of help as well.  
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So last night took my vitamins, Wife's prescription of Ondansetron, clonidine and felt a little nausea last night and a little this morning. Yes, had issues sleeping but besides that nothing else. Reminder again...my last dose of methadone(5mgs) was monday at 5am. This Tuesday I go back to work after being at home since tuesday, hope there are no issues at work. Today I want to go get CBD pre rolls to help relax me.  I am scheduled to go back to clinic on friday but will let them know what's been happening since monday. I just cannot afford the fees anymore.
Hi Robert,

Your doing amazing.  Everything you’re doing for yourself is perfect.  Now just let the days pass.  Before you know it this will be over.  Keep on pushing through you’ve got this.
Thanks. I cannot believe after 22 years I am not on methadone. No more waking up at 4am on every other friday to go to clinic and pay $$$$, The only issue is not sleeping like i did before I stopped but I'll fix that.
I think what I couldn't believe was how long I was on opiates/subs. Once I got clean and was forced to acknowledge the actual time frame I realized I had wasted almost 15 years!! I would literally tell myself "nahh, it's only been a year or two" ...omg...and the $$! I would suggest you don't look back at the $$ for it will make you sick. Lol
@motye5124   You are so right. I was married to methadone longer than I was married to my wife.
So it's been a whole month since I stopped taking methadone, This past week started sleeping better and haven't had any withdrawal symptoms since I stopped cold turkey. Feels so different not going to clinic to get my dose. Feels good that i can travel without taking any methadone. Thanks all for the valuable advice.
That’s so awesome!!  I’m really happy for you.  It’s wonderful to feel the freedom of not having to take it daily.  Of course not going to the clinic is fantastic too.  Have a beautiful day.
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Is the Thomas Recipe still being recommended here? For detoxing comfortably.
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What are the ingredients of the Thomas recipe.  What the background of its efficacy?  How safe is it?
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Hi Robert,

How are you feeling today?  You can do this.  I use to take methadone too and came off of it successfully.  I was so scared when I made the jump to no methadone.  But I made it through and it wasn’t bad at all.  Are you having any symptoms from stopping?
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Some diarrhea and on/off  light nausea.  Besides that nothing else. Hard to tell because I have covid. Tested positive monday. I go to my clinic next friday so hoping I feel better  by then.
Are there any vitamins recommended ? Diet?
Hey Friend,
So glad you are making the jump. I am opiate free for 10 years now. The sooner you jump off the sooner you get your life back. As far as diet, eat whatever you feel hungry for and take supplements, especially vitamin C. Someone mentioned the Thomas recipe, Google that. I would ask your doctor about any meds that would help. When I was detoxing I had the help of a very low dose of xanax (.125mg morning and night) to help and also I ate cannabis edibles. I annot recommend that for you as I am not a medical professional, but I am telling you so that you can ask your doctor about it and or research it.
If that anxiety monster kicks in big time (it did for me) ride it out. Don't let  it get the best of you. It will pass. The best gift I ever gave myself was a withdraw ten years ago.
Keep us posted,
Thank you everyone. Last dose was monday(6/27) @5am. So hoping the more days pass the closer i am to beating this.
I have vitamin c, imodium and xanax prescribed by my doctor few months ago but never used.
I have vitamin c, imodium and xanax prescribed by my doctor few months ago but never used.
I was on methadone for 20 years. My last dose was April 29. I stayed on 19 mg for two years because I was so afraid of withdrawal. I used Essential oils on my calves for restless legs and it helped tremendously. Sleeping wasn’t terrible for me but I did use Xanax. The longest symptom was diarrhea so maybe get you some Imodium. I’m not going to lie it’s going to be tough but so worth it in the end.  Take multivitamins and extra vitamin C. I also used DPA for a month.
This morning I told my clinic they will not be seeing me anymore. Felt so good.
Ya Hoo Robert,

You never have to go again.  That’s so awesome!!!
Congratulations. I feel so much better and am so happy I don’t have to go to the clinic anymore. Well done !!!
My only remaining symptom is salty taste in my sinuses and mouth. It’s getting better but it was like I was sucking on a salt cube for the first month. Anybody else experienced this getting off methadone?
roberto6564.....I TOTALLY know the feeling!!!  My suboxone doctor's office called me about 3 weeks into my detox b/c I had missed my appointment.  I told them what I was doing and that I wouldn't be back!  Part of taking our power back.....one of the best feelings EVER!!!

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