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About to go into Withdrawal

I’m quitting Kratom this week. Not cold turkey and it’s been a long time coming. 2 years.  I’ve fought off stimulant and opiod addiction so I understand what I’m getting into. I’ve decided instead of taking Suboxone or MAT like an Opiod I’m going to do it the old fashioned way. One tapered down.

I see people posting about St Johns, Valerian Root, Melatonin, and a lot of OTC things I know are safe and effective.
What else is there to ease the anxiety ?  I already take Valium ( completely as directed ) so it’s going to be anxiety over anxiety when I stop completely. I mean constant, considering like most substances Kratom helps and alleviates anxiety at first, but when you need a dose after a while the anxiety is shiz !

I have some Liposomal Vitamin C I know people have results from with Kratom withdrawal. I bought a CBD disposable vape. Also I have a product online that I ordered from pushfourth ******* called Voalatox or Voalcatox something like that.

I just know there’s so much out there!!!  Anyone with any positive feedback or suggestions would be more then appreciated. I’m trying not to go the Suboxone way as It’s just something I think I can handle without. ( it’s true though the Red Bali Kratom is like an Opiod/ anxiety med, until it isn’t…..finally realized that. Any OTC or online products ?

Be safe !
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Hope youre doing well. I am currently 22 days clean off of opiates. I really do reccomend THC. It helped me so much to get through the pain. its ideal for you too because you dont smoke right now so itll help a ton. That Anxiety from the pot will go away within a couple days then when you smoke it will just calm you. atleast thats what happened to me.
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hi, if you could get it, clonidine is magic for retreats, a few cbd sleeping drops, magnesium with potassium, it serves as a tranquilizer and relaxes the muscles, and pain pills, like motrin, gatore, water, small portions of food!  a recommendation, never try to use a drug to get out of another drug because you will be hooked!  if you can, in a week or two then you start taking vitamins, b12, vitamin c, eat fruits, sunbathe.  write again to see how you are doing
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I am actually on .3 mgs of clonidine 3 Times a day for my bp. Back in my Opiod days it helped out so much with withdrawal made me feel fine!!’ Ended up overtaking that. Now I’m all good.

B12, C, D and fish oil I take.

The water, fruits and vegetables will be a game changer because I’m not used to that. Man Good looking out; That’s some great advice. I’m not “special” or anything but my case is a little complex. ( all are ) so I’m no different.

:so on point as what you said. Something is making me want to try Kava as a “one time thing” less then a month of use to help the anxiety. In the past I’d have swapped drug for drug I have control now. Cheers and thank you !
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Kratom isn’t in the same category to warrant Suboxone or Methadone.  Smoke some herb.  That cures anxiety and helps you feel better.
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I used to smoke weed back in the day. To a point to where if I wasn’t smoking I wouldn’t be high. Weed made me energized and relaxed at the same time. Now with it legal, the delta 8,9 & 10 so confusing for me, and Ima try CBD see how that goes. I know it is a possibility.

I ordered VOACATOX from pushfourth *******. It’s one of those too good to be true products, but it’s also has 3 ingredients in it. 1 of them is known to help withdrawal. A lot of people who here about kratom and addiction might laugh. Considering I used to snort heroin and then run out an snort Adderall this is insane worrying about this.    The things is back then I wasn’t pro-active about my health. I made sure my anxiety was under control, and if that meant overtaking my anxiety meds then so be it. Now I’m doing it the right way.

I was prescribed Suboxone once ( believe it or not ) for clonidine withdrawal. I was taking .18 mgs of clonidine ( similar to an opiates properties ) and short term it has me taking my clonidine for my blood pressure as directed. To be fair if I were to see a Suboxone doctor considering I know ( because I have ) taken it so short term before ( less then a month ) enough to get through withdrawals and not become dependent on it, it would do the job. No depend on subs and no more next level kratom withdrawal. Talked to a drug counselor and they recommended that approach considering I’m high risk to relapse on OPIODS. Regardless if that’s true or not I think it work. Plus insurance covers it 100%.

Man I wish I could just smoke herb and be fine. Some weed puts me right into panic, some makes me laugh and crash out and some just makes me chill. That’s when it was called chronic. Not all these insane names ( I’m not dissing them )

I do have to say your response : I’d say that to someone myself if I didn’t know how f*caked up a “kratom” legal nootropic drug would be. Then I see some people using kratom to get off suboxone. Shortttt term it might work. Long term just the vicious circle. I was the biggest Kratom advocate for 2+ years it alleviates my cravings and anxiety. Now it’s just induced anxiety or anxiety in between doses. That’s where the Lipsomal vitamin C comes in. It doesn’t directly help anxiety, but it kills toxins that cause anxiety.

Now I can at least know why everyday since I’ve been on this shiz has been a roller coaster. Woulda coulda shoulda…..

It might come to me trying thc ( sour D ) or summat.

I might order Kava though. Looks promising. Worse case scenario Suboxone for less then a month.
My daughter takes kratom.  I see her taking tons of pills a day.  I’m really reading your responses to help her taper and get off.
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How’s it going today?  My thoughts are with you.
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