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Just 8 Days??

And I Love my life again. I think better than I did on pills. I feel like I have picked right back up where I left off 6 months ago. What a feeling... Not living every day with the guilt of taking the pills when you know you are taking too many and dont want to... Dont have to worry about running out. Mornings are a little rough but I get through because I know it passes quickly.

I can "think" again, and I feel a joy in my heart when I look at my children as I have never felt. Decesions seem clear and all those "little" things I obssesed over no longer matter, I have patience again. And Ibprofen is helping the pain:) AND best of all I feel humble and greatful. So much that I want to dedicate as much spare time as I possibly can to help people in these kind of situations overcome. I knew this could be done, I just needed a little kick in the butt from medhelp. I hope that there is at least one person that reads this that will find the motivation to get through another day... then another..... then another

Easy NO way.................. I am DEDICATED

Worth every minute of the detox to be here.
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Wow, that is a great post,!! thats really cheered me up! reminds me of how glad i should be to have been clean all this time, bless you! you should be so proud of your self, you have done so well! all my best wishes, god bless
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Thank you... took alot of hard work, and faith...... But I was just like everyone else, I started taking them 3 years ago for a back injury, usage spun out of control and when I realized it... I was miserable. I just wanted to be DONE with it!! I lost who I was, it took over my life and now I finally got it back. Could not have done it without god and MEDHELP!!!!!!
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its so great to read a positive post ...it makes me excited for day 8! I am on day 2 and doing well. Thank you for writing something inspiring! thank you
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Day 2 is fantastic and a huge accomplishment as is every day spent clean. Stay strong you may have a few bumpy days but you WILL get through them, and every day is a new day. I say post away, there are so many wonderful people here to get you through. I wish that this website could have some sort of major recognization for what it truely does for people's life. Hugz
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okay 9 days now, and another rough morning... BUT pulling through because it is already passing... just a little vent for anyone listening
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There will be those on days and off days. Don't fret about it...I can't help myself here on something though..Those first few days you struggled hard to believe anything could get better..I'm so glad you hung in there..Good for you :)
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Thanks dav.... This I know
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Congrats on your clean time~~Make sure to keep you the No1 priority.       sara
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So wonderful to read your post...that is exactly how I feel. Mornings for me are the roughest also. AND the IB for the pain is what I am using, and it is working.
Shocking how you can go from the lowest point in your life to living again. But, never forget, never ever forget. It can sneak back up on you before you even realize it!!
Keep fighting!! Keep hanging on...this life is soooo much worth it:)))
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     Thanks for your uplifting post.I was not on as long as you however you made me realize what I am going to get back soon I hope.
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Way to go .hang tough and no matter what dont pick up. Its great to here that you are doing good today.Trust god ,clean house, help others.
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