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I haven't posted for about three days and I've missed all of you. My panic attacks are coming more often. I'm still able to function just a little more useless.I did get a cat and he's so laid back and relaxed. He's a Blue Russian and he's so well behaved that at first I thought he was sick. I have had cats before and they were good, but not as good as this guy. He's 9 months old. He loves to cuddle and I feel warm inside just watching him play with his toys. He's been fixed (I'm surprised he's even talking to me"after that. I was going to have him declawed but he never uses them.

I haven't read any posts yet and I just got online. I'm anxious to see how everyone is doing. I'll write more tonight or in the morning. I'm off to read some posts. Take Care.....peace....Connie
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