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Klonopin vs. Valium

Which is more powerful Klonopin Valium? I am familiar with the difference in half-life etc. I am just asking which is actually stronger.

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They are both powerful why are you concerned about it . Did they ove you from one to another
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Hey Avasig. How are you? Not sure if you remember me.
Not sure what you mean by "owe you from one to another...?" I'm in a debate with someone and just trying to prove I'm ALWAYS right. jk. I actually read ten websites and every one of them said Klonopin is stronger, most said ten times. They said the easier one to wean off of is Valium due to half-life but which is more powerful??? Me personally, I believe Klonopin is as I feel it with only one pill but Valim, nada.
So, tell me I'm right Mr. Avasig.    
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I use to abuse valium over a long period of time years ago.
Till xanax, I took that for 20 yrs, then one year of klonipin,
those 2 are the worst to w/d from.
I am on suboxine now. After 20 yrs, I am taking valium again but not
abusing it. I take 4mgs a day. It works b/c I am  using it correctly.
I believe that valium would be the lesser evil of the 3 but by no means
if it is heavy abused. I never had script for valium, just xanax and klonipin.
When I got some valiums back in the day i'd take 40 , 60 mg a day .
So stupid that is.
good luck to you
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need yes I remember you . LOL I was asking if they wanted to move you from one to another ... Now I got ya .I believe klonopin is stronger but that is just based on my personal opinion .I have taken them both .I don't remember a whole lot of the year I was on klonopin .which is really sad cuz it was my sons first year .I would never touch the stuff again
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that is exactly what happened to me with xanax except i
lost allot more yrs, I remember some but i have hard with timing my years
as to what was happening. Like, My daughter starting first grade.
What year? ? Not sure but she wore a red dress with black dots, red stockings black shoes. That's the kinda thing xanax did with me.
I really hate it.
i am sure if i hadn't started suboxine that i would be taking 4 to 6mgs of klonipin a day per my dr. presp. I am glad that it happened b/c i would have had to w/d off klonipin or stay on it for the rest of my life
needs guidance, just in case suboxine doesn't work on benzo's only opiates, my DOC of choice was morphine then vic's.
take care
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Thanks for your feedback.
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.25 mgs of cloanzepam is equivalent to 10mgs of valium. it has a much higher potency as far as benzos go and a really long half life same as valium 18-150 hrs, everyones reacts differently tho. some ppl like valiums effects more, but to be completely honest and scientifically correct, both have the exact same exact effects, the dose and name are the only difference in all benzos. With klonopins you need a lot less mgs or pills to get the same desired effects . there are two types benzos, there's hypnotics mostly used for insomnia like temazepam, halcion, tranxene, flurazepam(roofies), and then theyre the anxioltyic benzos usually prescribed for anxiety,panic disorders,sometimes depression, insomnia like xanax, ativan,oxazepam,clonazepam, diazepam(valium). Both valium and especially clonazepam act as anti-convulsants as well, strong ones at that, but both are addicting, along with all the rest, after taking them for a few months and thats just as bad as getting off of H or oxy's  but instead you can actually die. i was obsessed with taking tons xanax and klonopins, or valiums with oxycontin and heroin i wasted two and half years and almost died, but i got help and i am soo much better...hope that answered your question-christos
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I know so many people "stuck" on them including as much as small amounts of Valium. Is the only way off a very slow wean? Are there vitamins etc or some other way. How did you stop?  
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Dr. Ashton's manual is what I used but she takes it real slow and uses the Valium cross over. Thanks for sharing your experience. That **** is straight from the devil if you ask me!  
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I have a street degree in all of these meds and street substances mentioned. The biggest problem I have faced on a large scale is opiate dependance.  Suboxone/ sub has the longest w/d ever. Not as intense as oxy or H, methadone is close. Get off sub asap it trashes your receptors. The longer the worst. 6 year span for me. Off and on. Try an inpatient prog. Back to the subject at matter. KP. Do not run out! Follow the instructions. High doses give a very very mind fk w/d also physical. It is very easily possible to do a slow taper. Drop a half m/g every couple weeks. You wont even be able to tell. As you can't even feel any effect while on. Even high doses. At least thats how I was. 6mg kp and whenever possible 6 mg xanax, just so i could feel something. Problem, thats insane. Mind like a jellyfish in the ocean in my head. If you end up in a rehab like I was, they try a 9 day taper w a barbituate. Haha, fk me. Torque wrench on your brain. Don't try this please. Long time taper works perfect. You will be on a 1/4 mg mga day in a couple months. At.this time u can stop. You will be a lil spacey no biggie. Trouble w sleep take some trazadone or serequel and you are off. Do not play w these meds they are not a joke. I understand the anxiety we carry, it *****. Just be wise, listen. Im working on other things to keep me relaxed. A pretty female should work. Good luck to all of you. Stay smart, blah to valium, ween down, dope free, eat healthy, med. canna works great also.
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