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My first time detoxing, ever, after 4 years of Oxy/Perc treatment - reassurance?

Hey everyone. I'm so, so glad to finally post here after over a year of reading, being inspired, and finally taking the plunge to sobriety.

Because of my fairly severe scoliosis, and the debilitating lower back pain it caused, I was started on Tramadol over 5 years ago. You all know how it goes. One thing leads to another, and my final regimen of pain treatment was two 60mg OxyContin per day, and four 10mg/325 Percocet per day for breakthrough, which has been the case for about 3 years now. After some time, I began purchasing extra 10mg/325 Percocet off the street, because 4 per day just wasn't enough to satiate my desire. Let me be clear that the entire point of me taking the pills by this time was not to treat my pain, but the feel as euphoric as possible throughout the day. I was getting high.

By the end (the last day being yesterday), I was taking twelve 10mg/325 Percocets per day, although I never ended up abusing the OxyContin, for some reason. Matter of fact, right now, I have two unfilled monthly OxyContin scripts in my wallet because I took them exactly as prescribed, and it was just an overflow after so many years. I should probably throw them out, now that I just mentioned it.

My last day of pills was Sunday. I took one 60mg OxyContin after a week of taking one per day instead of two. I did not taper the Percocet at all. Twelve a day, every day, including Sunday. The last OxyContin I took was at 1:00pm on Sunday. The last Percocet I took was at 10:00pm on Sunday. All told, on Sunday I ingested 180mg of oxycodone (combining one 60mg OxyContin and twelve 10mg/325 Percocets). I took off work Monday and Tuesday to get off, and also have five strips of the 8mg/2mg Suboxone to assist.

So, on Sunday I fell asleep at midnight, two hours after my Very Last Percocet and eleven hours after my Very Last Oxycontin. I woke up at 6:30am Monday just feeling those very basic jitters before taking the first pill of the day. I distracted myself, eating cereal and watching TV, just kind of keeping busy. By 11:00am, I was so tired that I fell asleep for two hours. When I woke up at 1:00pm, the withdrawals had begun, and by 5:00pm, it was just flat out NASTY. Runny nose, watering eyes, aches and pains everywhere, hot flashes, cold flashes, and worst of all, the legs. Oh, the LEGS. You can't get them comfortable, they keep you from sleeping, just constantly tossing and turning and readjusting to find the comfortable position in which you can sleep, but that not existing, and so it just cycles and cycles, tossing and turning and whimpering and, at some times, just flat out crying in pain and frustration.

I am a grown man, and by 6:00pm, I was literally verbally crying out to God and Jesus asking for relief, tears streaming down my face. Thank the heavens that my girlfriend came by after work with a bottle of Potassium pills for me, and to keep me from using the Suboxone yet, because 10:00pm was my 24 hour mark for my last dose. and I had 4 unbearable hours to go. I took one potassium pill and one men's One A Day-type vitamin containing B6. Still, I didn't think there was any way I could make it to 10pm for my first Suboxone. Then I remembered that I had two 1mg Xanax pills stashed away. THESE WERE CRUCIAL. I cut them in halves, and with each .5 pill I took, it would give me 30 minutes of sleep. I'm convinced right now that the only way I made it to 10pm was with the Xanax. I really mean it.

I woke up from my last .5 Xanax pill at 10:30pm (which was 4 hours ago), feeling just wretched and horrid. The potassium helps, sure, but it's minor relief. The withdrawals are still there. My girlfriend cut one of the 8mg Suboxone strips in half, and gave me 4mg which I put under my tongue and continued to thrash around, my legs, my arms, my head, just everything, I couldn't stop moving. It was truly an incredible feeling. It's, like, the exact opposite of the best opiate high. It feels like your bone marrow itself is vibrating and gnashing its proverbial teeth. Every. Thing. Hurts.

And then... here I am. I obviously fell asleep as the Suboxone was taking affect, because in one moment, it was 10:30pm and I was a wretched, pathetic creature, and now it's 2:43am and I feel fine. Well, "fine." I mean, my lower back hurts a whole lot, and I'm very disoriented because of my insane sleep schedule these past 29 hours, but... my body doesn't feel like it's withdrawing at all! The only thing I notice is thirst. I think I drawn a whole half-gallon of Gatorade while typing this (and I type fast!).

So, there you have it. My first day off of an approximately 200mg/day three-year long oxycodone habit, and what it was like for me to get through those 24 crucial hours before my first dose of 4mg Suboxone.

So now what? What do I do? I have the 4mg leftover half of Suboxone, and then 4 more unopened strips of 8mg Suboxone left. When do I know when to take my next dose of Suboxone? At what strength should the following Suboxone dose be? Another 4mg, or maybe reduce is to 2mg? Basically, any input you have on how this remaining Suboxone should be used would be great for me.

And if you know how I should expect to feel moving forward, and when you think I might be able to return to work (today was the only day I missed so far), I'm all ears.

Until then, here I am, now at 2:52am in the morning, eating my first bowl of cereal as a sober person, and marveling.

Thank you for reading the middle-of-the-night/morning ramblings of this first poster. Thank you all so much for being there.
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at this point it will b as u feel u need it. if 2mg gets u thru the day only take that. ur goal here is to take as lil as possible stretched  out as long as u can. its a tool not a crutch n having alot of experience with subo0xone less is more n the shorter time the better. so 24-36 hrs later see how u feel. sub has a half life of 36 hrs wich means half will still b active that long after u take it. if ur ok with 2mg a day later the next time go lower til u can tolerate it. but 5-7decreasin as u can is the best way to detox with it and become dependant on it. and AFTER CARE IS CRUCIAL GET TO A MEETING NOW!!!! its the best tool u can have and get a sponsor the mental will hit soon and u need ur strength because u will feel again for the first time in a long time.. take care good luck hang in there keep posting support is best. im here...were all here and have been there...and some of us are there right now.. one question what gave u the strength and will knowing u still have pain? i admire u for that its hard to be addicted to something u actually need........that i know all too well
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Thank you for the words of support, encouragement, and advice!

What gave me the strength was a combination of the loss of money as well as sitting on a sidewalk table outside of a coffee shop people-watching, knowing that most of them who seemed happy and "normal" were most likely not needing what I was needing in order to feel OK. It's a difficult sentiment to describe, but I knew in that moment that I was the exception, that if most people can get through life without opiate highs throughout the day, then why can't I?

It's 7:53am now. I slept from 4:30am - 7:00am, and soundly, too. My only physical issue at this moment is a pounding headache. I'm assuming that's probably not that abnormal. Funny thing, though -- I haven't had a headache since taking opiates. I forgot what it felt like. Know what? I like it. It's this little thing that's making me feel like everyone else.
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That headache is most likely acetminophen withdrawal. It's nasty stuff. Takes a few days for them to go away, you were right on the borderline of the maximum daily recommended amount, which is 3000mg now (just revised recently) A extra strength advil will help.

I never found that Oxycontin did anything for my headaches. I don't get them very often though, but when I do only advil or a tylenol helps.
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Day #3. I'm back at work now. Like I had mentioned, I took 4mg of Suboxone on Monday night at 10:30pm after 24 1/2 miserable, inhuman hours. On Tuesday, I took no Suboxone at all. This morning, Wednesday, I took 2mg of Suboxone at 7:30am because I was legitimately afraid that I'd crash my car driving to work if I didn't give myself a bit of relief.

So far, I have absolutely zero cravings for OxyContin or Percocet or anything else. This new life of not taking a pill or having a bottle of pills in my pocket is exceptionally amazing.

Just wanted to post an update. My legs are a bit jittery, but I have potassium pills, and I take a one-a-day vitamin with B6, etc. I still have the runs, but I guess that's expected. My body feels sore/achy, but NOTHING like Monday.

I slept a full 8 hours last night, though it was split from 7:30pm-11:30pm and then 2:00am-6:00am.

Am I doing OK so far? Any reassurance to provide?
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How did the doctor tell you to take the Sub?
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I did not obtain the Suboxone from a doctor.
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You do know that Sub is a very powerful drug that needs to be taken under a doctors supervision.  Sub comes with its own set of issues especially when you stop taking them.  Part of getting clean is to stop our addict behavior such as this.  Have you thought about any type of recovery care?  It will help with the mental game.  We learn the tools we need to stay clean and live a healthy life.   You can do this!!
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Thank you for the encouragement! I am aware of these things, but currently, I have no health coverage. The only rule I know about the Suboxone is that, for short term detox, you take as little as possible. I guess I'm wondering if 4mg at 10:30pm on Monday and 2mg at 7:30am on Wednesday is a good sign of self-restraint? I have no intentions of replacing my opioid addiction with Suboxone treatments. I want to be clean, 100%, forever.
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Self restraint?  That quickly goes out the window.....I cant tell you how to take them so i will just tell you to be very careful.  There is no easy way out of this as far as wd's are concerned.  As long as you have the desire to be clean then you will.  Dont let anything get in the way of that.  You are the No1 priority now.  There is whole new life out there with your name on it~~
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Color me naive, but if someone wants to be clean, I don't believe you that self-restraint is going to "quickly go out the window." I have no desire for the opiate high anymore. I want to be normal, so badly. I'll do anything to get there. This isn't some fly-by-night decision I've made. It's permanent. I'm just coming here for some nudging, reassurance, making sure I'm doing it the right way, you know? I want to do it the right way. I want to be clean. No more pills. I have four more strips of 8mg Suboxone and one 2mg piece left from the first strip, and I don't want to use it all, at all. Once my withdrawal symptoms are gone, the Suboxone gets thrown out, and I'm done, done, forever done.
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So what are your plans after the wd's are over?
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Be human. Agree to plans without thinking about the amount of pills I have. Go out and have a drink once in a while with some friends at the bar. Take a road trip and not worry about having enough to last me. Have sex with my girlfriend without worrying about whether or not I'll be able to ***. Just... stop worrying. Live like I did before I started taking the drugs. I lasted 30 years without them. These last 4 years are such a blur, and I don't want the rest of my memories ruined anymore. Know what I mean?
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