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New, encouragement seaking.

2 years ago I had a c-section. I was given percs. It went downhill from there. I have been taking 5 10mg opoids a day for about 2 years now. Sunday I relialized that this is not me, and i am tired of being a slave. I cant seem to find a forum online with answers, responses that are recent. This past sunday, I took 5 10mg of hydro's. Monday, I took 10mg. Tuesday, 8.75 mg, and today, 5mg. I am feeling a bit better but not completely of course. Am i on the right path? Can someone help me, give me words of encouragement? The evenings seem to be the worse.
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hey Friend,
Congrats on your decision to get your life back! It's the best gift you can give yourself.
You are on the right path. I tapered for two months before I quit but I was on a much much much higher dose than you are.
Do I understand you correcty, you just took one pill of 5 mg today? If so, then I would just jump off now and go cold turkey. It won't be pretty but best to get it over with. The symptoms do go away, I promise. You will feel terrible for a little while but the lasting benefits of an opiate free life outweigh that short period of WD time, trust me.

Stay hydrated and drink Ensure when you don't feel like eating, rent some movies and hunker down and treat yourself like you have the flu. Once it's over you will be living life. You will go through some mental symptoms like anxiety and depression but hang in there because it goes away. I am 69 days or so today and life is wonderful now. I can feel again.
You will be so happy you did it!

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Your got it figured out. i tapered from 8 to 3 and on day 45. The drug is at a contronable level in my body now and makes dealing with it more tolorable and also i have gotten use to the feeling of withdrawals. The reason this works for me it that is that i dont look at this as quiting i look at it as getting to a place where the decision to stop comes much easier. I do put some effort into into cutting down but day by day i do feel more free.
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Hi Destiny. Welcome to the forum.. Yes you are on the right track ! Congratulations !! It is difficult to see how much the meds change us while we are active. I'm so Happy for you that you are going to take your life back. You have a young one at home and opiates rob us of our energy our memories.. I agree with Water Lily.. I would just jump and get it over with.. warm baths our showers are helpful as is the amino acid protocol you will find this on the bottom of this page It is vitamins and such to help your body get back some nutrients. the opiates deplete our body from not eating well. it takes about 3 to 5 days to feel better physically.. You can do this !! If you have meds left I would recommend flushing them as they can be very tempting when you do not feel well... When you are clean You will feel and see such a difference in yourself. It really is remarkable.. I hope you stay gather support and take Your life back.. lesa
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Congrats on wanting to get your life back.  Are you getting these pills from your doctor?  If you are you need to sit down with him/her and talk about these being a problem.  Cutting off our sources is a must.  Keep talking with us as we are here to support you~~~sara
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I agree w/ Sara - talk to your doc - i never shared with my doc my addiction and a few years later, still battling the roller coaster of addiction.

Finally told her, she was relieved that I told her and said No More Pills, no matter what - had i not done that, i probably wouldn't be on this site, trying to give you advice - i'd be stuffing my face w/ pills. I'm to chicken to ever buy anything from the street or even think about that, so I cut off my 'source'.

You've come to the right place - all the best.

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Keep up your strength and ween yourself off!  I had almost the same issue.  I had 2 c sections in 2 years and my Dr. gave me percocet, until he realized I kept asking for more.  Finally he denied my requests and I was only able to control my situation by exercising.  I would drop off the kids in the fitness center nursery and take a class or treadmill and that gave me energy and being around people (adults) who were healthy also helped my craving.  
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