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OMG....i can NOT DOTHIS!!!!

Day 6 and I feel so freakin dehydrated I can't keep anything in? WTF??? I thought by day 6 would be at least able to eat??? I think this is wrong????
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Drink lots of fluids.  Gatorade. Even if your throwing up some will still absorb.  You're doing great keep up the awesome job. Just keep thinking the worst is almost over to push yourself to keep going :)
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Noooooo freakin way!!!!! I can't drink? And I know I'm dehydrating! Have gotten off of sofa and have locked myself in my room. I'm done! This day has to be over soon! I just keep thinking it has to hurt this much so I cam remember how I freakin got here! My fault! Screw me.
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U really need to try and drink.  See I was very sick too I had to go to the hospital since I was so dehydrated. Once I start throwing up I can't stop so I get dehydrated quickly.  I promise if your drink and even tho it comes right back up some is still absorbing
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Take very small sips of water, gatorade, etc.  Even if you can suck on ice cubes.  If you continue to vomit and not be able to keep anything down, and feel as though you're getting dehydrated (which can happen quickly), then you need to head to the ER.  

Take care, hang in there.
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Will the hospital even treat me for this????
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Any hospital ER will treat you for dehydration. They will give you IV fluids and monitor you as well as check you electrolytes. Please, if you continue to be unable to keep any fluids down get to the nearest ER. I hope you get to feeling better very quickly. Take care.
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No I doubt they will treat for withdrawals. I had to go because my blood pressure iron and potassium was really low along with being dehydrated. I did get 2 bags of fluids while I was at the er along with iron and potassium pills
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Ariely is absolutely correct.  They will def treat you for being dehydrated and check your levels as they did mine. Once I got the iv fluids I felt so much better but that's how I found out my levels were low. Now my dr doesn't want me to stop taking pills until I get them up. Mainly for Heath reason. BUT I have other health issue that's why I wasn't able to do it ct
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You are scaring me. If you go back to using you will eventually have to do this again and it will be so much worse. Please honey, hang in there. If you really are dehydrated and passing out and all then go to the ER. Be honest with them so they know how to treat you. Let us know how you are doing.
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You're going through a real hellish detox, BUT it is not an excuse to start using again, and as IB said, if you give in you'll be right back here in a month, six, whatever.
Go to the ER, or, as NurseyGirl suggested, try some small sips (drink something with electrolytes added). Like me, you abused your system and now you have to allow it to heal.
Bottom line, if it's not working out, go to the ER and keep us posted.
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You are going cold turkey off subs right?  I know that the detox is much harsher than pills.  
I agree about going to the ER if you are dehydrated.
Please, please keep posting and let us know what you decide.
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Just got down a cup of broth that my husband brought me, Thank God!  So far (it's been 5 min)!!!!!  I don't get it, this afternoon something just hit me like a wall!  I felt worse than I've ever felt in my freakin life!  This *****, this *****, this ***** (can I say that as many times as I want???)  I know it has to suck, but does it have to suck this bad!!!!!!!!  :)
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Hey honey.. You CAN do this... Glad you drank some broth... Also try ice chips... I lived off the sonic ice for a while... Hang in there!
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What about popsicles?  Just an idea.  
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Yes...yes...yes...you can say whatever you want as many times as you need to say it!!!!  You're in the absolute thick of it.  Let's talk about something postive and GREAT shall we????

How did the car pool go this morning?  And please tell me you didn't keep your dr's appt????  You are doing SO GOOD....I know you don't feel like it....that's why we call it He*l right?  You don't EVER have to do this again...and that wedding is gonna be a BEAUT dear Mama!!!!  

You just hang on with ALL you've got....get SOMETHING in you...little sips....and when you can handle it...some lean protein will speed up the process.....we are severely deficient in nutrients and proteins have this way of speeding up the process.  Set some small goals.....don't look FAR ahead....just set small goals....and then set another one.  That's the ONLY way it worked for me.  I went on 16 mg of sub for 28 days...and had NO CLUE I shouldn't just jump off that same amount.  I didn't know ANYTHING...so I didn't psyche myself out....I just made a "pack" with myself...and got sick and sicker...and sicker...but I KNEW in the deepest part of me that if I got it "out" of me...I would NEVER have to do it again.

I'm prayin SO HARD for you....and if you canceled that appt this morning...I'm gonna do something celebratory just for YOU!!!!!

Hang on.....you CAN do this....YOU CAN!!!!  (((HUGS)))))
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Hang in there! I'm glad you were able to get a little bit of fluids down. I'm not sure if someone has already mentioned this, but ginger really helps nausea. You can put some shavings into a cup of hot water, or even eat some slices. Might be worth a try. I hope you start feeling better very soon.
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I too went through a hellish detox - I've never experienced anything like it in my life, and during my 15 years of using I'd detoxed many, many times.
But never spent the first day curled up in a ball, on the floor, keeping the toilet close at hand. And it was downhill from there.
One thing that I'm very happy about, besides surviving, is that that detox was something that I will and can never forget. I remember it as if it was just yesterday. Some smells remind me of it, some foods do, places...
So, get though this and use your detox as a tool to help keep you heading down the road to recovery. Temptation knocks, think of this time in hell. It works. And it WILL be over before you know it.
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you might also have the flu I know it is going around and people are being knocked out by it! try some crackers also thats what I lived on for the first week! Good luck and keep us posted!
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The flu is going around and it's horrible.  That was my problem I was still sick when I tried to cut myself way down which wasn't a good idea obviously  
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My husband made the same exact "flu" comment but I'm pretty sure this is detox!  Thank you so much for all the words of encouragements and as a matter of fact, yes, I did make carpool this morning ( I don't know how!!!!) not to mention b/c I've been in my room for 5 days everyone used MY car and left me on dead freakin e this morning which I was so grateful for!!!!  Thanks FAM!  Just found out the am eligible for one of the nicest country clubs in town to hold this wedding and that gave me a lot of hope! For my daughter that is!  I know how I got here, but I sure didn't think it would be this bad to quit!  This has to be the ungrateful pits of hell and I've already beat Acute Lymphotic Leukemia as a teenager so I must say, I think I'd rather the 3 years of chemo than this crap!  My family is downstairs and my loving husband has done everything I've asked and I'm being a complete *******!  Please someone tell me this going to calm down, this roller coaster crap that keeps coming in waves......up, down,up, down, I'm ready to get offfffffffffff!
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It will calm down.  The waves will come less and less.  Hang on for dear life and ride them through.  
I am so glad your husband is so supportive.  You many have to lend him out.
You are doing amazing and have a wonderful attitude.
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Not to be snooty....but I do have a wonderful husband!!!!  He is the bomb!  He sits here with me, is trying to force me to eat (which is driving me crazy), but he's the best!  
These waves suck and I really didn't start feeling these until yesterday??  I know I read about the half life crap, but damn!  
I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!  However, if by some weird stupid chance I caught the flu while doing this, I'm gonna be really ticked off!  (I wish it was the flu actually!)  Why is everyone so different?
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hey you gotta hang in there! ill promise to do the same! day 3 for me good luck and please keep going! you will win!!
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Just lending my support! I know its tough but you can do it. 6 days is great!!
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