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Wow I can't believe I'm writing this! One year!!! I would have never made it without God's and your support in this forum! I truly love you guys! Thank you!
I have had 2 very stressful situations in the last 4 months and my anxiety is stuck in high gear! Going to counseling for this trying to work on coping skills I am just so afraid sometimes of my anxiety attacks!!! BUT I have not used and that's all the matters!!!

Looking forward to many more years free from drugs!

Thank you all again XOXO
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Hi Michelle! So good to hear from you girl! Congratulations on one year clean! That's so good to hear! I hope 2015 is even better! We miss you in the mornings!
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Hey there sweetpea!  I am so proud of you girl....CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I know you have had some challenges M, but have attacked them sober.  You rock. Yes, I pray 2015 brings you a year of great health, many blessings, and continued sobriety.  I agree with MsD...we sure do miss you girl!  Come back and play when you can.:))
Sending you Love and Hugs!
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Congragulations to you and all your hard work. Keep pushing forwards always....
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I'm new here and planning my taper to get my life back from worrying about pills everyday so it is good to read your story and have a hope of being able to say the same one day.
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Cnograts on your year!!!  I love reading posts of people who have made it that far!!!  It so inspiring and encouraging!  Wishing you a year full of wonderful things!!!
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A year!?! That's huge, and I love that you are sharing that you still need therapy, skills, and support, even after a year. That's why you have come so far and are showing folks how it is done. Congrats on your progress so far. Never stop growing, progress is a life long project.
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Hey  Hey  you go girl  one year is huge a big congrats keep doing what your doing and always remember this is a daily program  every day we wake up where all faced with the same decision...''am I going to stay clean or use''....today I made the right decision.......Gnarly
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Congrats on one year.  Keep putting your recovery first and everything will work out. It is so difficult to make the changes and work thru our issues. Damit it hurts.  But what growth when we get to the other side.  I am so proud of you! And hey do comeback in the mornings we miss you.
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that is so awesome girl!!!!
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wow, congratulations on one big huge year!!!!  very happy for you and proud of you!  way to go!
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Hey beautiful girl, im so happy to see you posting, it seems so long since we've talked : )
Congratulations on 1 year clean !!! Im very, very proud of you !!!
Lots of love and cuddles xoxo
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Congratulations! A whole year! What an accomplishment, I am sure I speak for everyone of how proud we are. You have amazing resilience and strength!
Happy New Year
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