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Opiate withdrawl!

anyone else have a recurring addiction with opiates like ive succesfuly come down off heroin with methadone this time would be lucky number 4 in 3 years but anything i do i always seem to go so well for so long and before long im back to where i started. and any other substance il take when its available there seems to be no point in trying anymore and just accept that i'm going to have this problem most likely in to my 40's if im lucky to beat it then i'm not of determination. i'm just sick of failing and going to prison.
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I agree with all the above..This is a serious disease and like ANY disease we need help!!! Get into those outside Support groups..There are many!
I am 58 and have used and drank off & on most of my Life starting at the age 14. NOT GOOD & I am paying for some of it in a Health way now!! Back then I could walk away for awhile when I got tired of it..The opiates got me really HOOKED in the later 90s and up I went to getting the Methadone prescribed when i did not even need it for pain..Then I was adding more meds to it to get that old Crank buzz..There is no way in he11 I could do sobriety alone..I would try, but kept going back again & again..
There are LOTS of different groups out here these days..I go to both AA/NA even if I had not had a drink in 9-10 years..I just sub one for the other..This is a WE thing..Also do some home work and look this disease up in a Scientific way..This will not cure you, but it will help you to understand more on what goes on up stairs in our brain and why it can be so hard to break this cycle on your own. We have to learn new Coping Skills, so we can now deal with what Life gives us, instead of running and hiding under a Substance..Even if it is just to go and party with friends..The party has to stop sometime.. As we do get older we can also do some damage to our health. Please be Safe & get some Support NOW before it is to late!!!
I wish you the best & never say NEVER!!! You can do it for YOU!
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Hi  well first off you have to recanize what addiction is...it is a disease with no know cure...it can however be arrested and then recovery is possible... for a dope fiend like me N/A has the answer I tried shrinks my pastor at church and a substance abuse counselor but N/a was the only thing that worked it treats the whole you as well as the drugs  for this to work the desire to get clean must excide the desire to use you have to change the very way you think and N/A can help you do that it is free just google a meeting near you keep posting for support.
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AFTERCARE  changing your lifestyle, habits, thinking.  that is the only way to break this cycle.  some people can do it on their own, but there is not a good chance that you can do it on your own.  after all, it hasn't worked yet, right?  so that means you have to do something totally different than you have been doing
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Are you still using willpower to stay clean?  How long has it been this time?
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