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Oxi withdrawl

I have been using roxies for over a year now and am tired of it. I got in the stupid habit of taking up to 5 pills a day equalling a total of 150 mg's. I weaned down to two a day equalling 60 mg's but cant get any lower without really having withdrawl issues. I have have made a decision to see my primary doctor Monday and give him the full scoop on things. Is this the best approach? Does anyone have any recommendations for me?
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Hi, Sorry you are having a rough time but you came to the right place. It is really really hard to believe that your an addict for life but you are. I just told my counselor that I know in my head but not in the core of me. She pointed to her head and said "It takes a year to get from here to (pointing to her heart) here." Many addicts feel this way and it is the ground work for many relapses. We believe we can just still take 1 eventually and we're toast. I suggest going to your doc. There are many of us who can't taper. You need someone to hold them or your doc can prescribe 1 or 2 a day if it takes that. Don't get talked into Sub unless it's a last resort. I just told my doc and she gave me a bunch of numbers. They were all Sub docs who give you a script...no counseling. I will keep you in my good thoughts. Corey
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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I need to do it. This is my second time I am giving up the pills. The first time I quit cold turkey was with vicodin 500 eating eight a day for a year. The w/d I thought were bad. I want to taper off but am afraid of eating more then I should. I do believe that once this is over it will be for good. This is all new to me. I am finding it hard to think I am an addic for life.
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U can do this, I was on a 200mg a day Oxy habit. each person is different so I can only let  u know what worked 4 me. I tapered, still had withdrawals there is no way around them but I have come off oxy's when I ran out and those w/d were hell. This wasn't cause I wanted 2 . 40 days ago was the last time I used oxy's then switched 2 vicodin 500's. I then would taper down 1/2 pill every 3 days. I still had all the w/d symptoms but nothing compared 2 going cold turkey off the OC's. I now have 14 days by the grace of God and yesterday thru ou tthe rest f he vic's I had. I never want 2 go thru w/d again and as of 2day I have no desires use. Went 2 my 1st meeting in years and it was awesome. If u need anything let me know. Where all here U! U can do this!
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