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Pain meds while on Suboxone?

So, my primary care Dr knows I am on sub. I have a really bad UTI, and she said it would be ok for me to take Ultram, while On suboxone, b/c it's non-opiate............but I wanted to make absolutely sure first. So, is it ok to take Ultram while on Sub?
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Hey Jdawne - long time since we talked huh!  How are you!?? Anyway, I am not sure if the Ultram will be effective, but it wont hurt you to take it.  The worst case scenario is it will be uneffective. Do NOT double up on the Ultram or anything obviously..

Go buy some cranberry juice and drink gallons of it.. Chances are this will help more than the ultram anyway.

Feel better girl..
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Hey lady!!!! yes, LONG time since we talked..............I'm going to send you a PM and update you on everything once I finish my homework :) UGH UTI's suck so bad. I did go an get some cranberry juice. Ur so sweet. Thanks so the help. :)
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My DOC wasn't Ultram, and I don't know a whole lot about it other than I had a seizure because I took too many when I was in active addiction. Personally, I would steer clear of this drug. It is addicting (as I'm sure you know from participating on this site) and can be very dangerous.

Can you talk to your sub dr. and find out what is okay to take with it? Your primary dr. probably isn't educated on sub and it might not be okay to take it.
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hey jdawne...the ultram should not efect the sub, but it is very addictive, so be careful...i miss you...
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like cathy said..ultram would be one that would penetrate the sub...narcotic like..but not exactly..a big bumber to get off of tho..so be safe..as a rule there r drugs/over the counter and rx/that numb the urinary tract and take away the pains of a UTI...then water and an antibiotic..never really heard of rx-ing pain pills for a UTI...be safe and read up on any drug u r rx-ed
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I only took 1/2 an ultram y-day, and it ended up making me REALLY sick, so I am done w/that! lol
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