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Patch weaning question

Hi all - it's been a while since I've posted. Today is 97 days clean for me! Woohoo.

However, my question is about Fentanyl and not my use.  My girlfriend has been on the patch for a few years after a terrible car accident.  She's never abused pills/drugs and she wants off the patch.  She went to her Dr. about 10 days ago and told him she's like to step down. She was on 50mcg and wanted to drop to 25mcg.  Here's where his advice goes against my thinking:  With the patch you change it every 3 days.  He told her to drop down to 25mg for 3 days then go back to 50mg for three days, then back to 25mg... and keep alternating... I guess until her supply of 50 runs out and then she will stick with 25.  However, she's going up and down and every 6 days she feels the W/D symptoms. Last night I told her that her Dr. was wrong and that she just needs to make the shift to 25 and stay with that.. that when she goes back up she's not doing herself any favors. She ask, "So you are saying my Dr. doesn't know what he's talking about?". My answer, "Exactly."

Who's right, in your opinion? I can't think of a single reason for someone to go up/down like this in an effort to stablize the body and minimize withdrawls.

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Lonely ,
I just wanted to say congrats on your 97 days ......woooo hooooo .I dont know about the patch but I am sure someone will come along that knows :)
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