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Quitting Hydrocodone

So SWIM has been been taking hydocodone steadily for a couple of months now.  SWIM's quit a few days here and there, but constantly found himself back at square one.  SWIM's been through w/d before for this a couple times, but mind you was only taking 20-40mg a day.  Recently, SWIM came across some norcos and skyrocketed to 120-200mg a day for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully SWIM is out of them now, and can focus and getting his life back together and never taking them again.  It's been about 18 hours and nothing too bad so far.  A bit of the runs, hot and cold sweats and lack of energy.  Never puked during w/d before.  SWIM also popped 10mg of dones two days ago but never takes them otherwise, and they didn't really do anything for him.  With all this in mind, any idea how much worse it'll get over the next couple of days?  
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It should not be too bad at all.If you quit a few times and have been using sporadically in the 60 days then you might just be down for a few days and may have some insomnia.You should be doing well in 7 to ten days if not sooner
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Get the stuff from the Thomas recipe it really helped me good luck
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Thank you that's very reassuring to hear.  The last time swim quit was sept 16th then started back up on the 20th it's only been really bad since the 23rd so exactly 2 weeks.  But I will definitely keep my hopes up!  Wish me luck.
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Yeah swim was reading up on that but not a lot.  Gonna look into it a little more though.  Been drinking some cranberry juice and have some muscle relaxers to help with sleep so hopefully that will be enough to get me through this.
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The depression is the worst part of this is there anything to quell that or is it just something that you have to suffer through for a few days?
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What I did was sleep as much as I can so my body can rest u should be fine
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