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Roll Call!!!!!!

Monthly Roll Call time!!!!!!

Sorry I'm a couple days late everyone!!! Once again it's time for roll call!! For the newer members this is everyone's chance to post your clean time no matter how long it is!!!

This month I want to hear from EVERYONE!!!! Especially the newer members and those just starting on their road to recovery......I feel it's really important to celebrate our successes along the way no matter how long they are.

So.....even if you're 1 day clean lets hear it!!! Congratulations on taking that first step!! Know that you will make it even if it seems impossible. Stay strong everyone!!!
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2 years and 42 days! Love u all !
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Just started day 13!
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167 days!!!  congrats to everyone on their clean time!!  :)  
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12 days
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       .7945205  years clean from all mind altering substances and meds.
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0.063242 Jovian years clean from opiates. 0.0 minutes since last doing math.
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