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Scared - Why?

Okay -- Why am I so scared to go through withdrawal again when I have made it through worse than this should be. (When I used lorcet longer and with a higher dose amount);  Is it because I know what is coming? Maybe because I will have noone to help with the kids and dogs (husband gone for work), I will take my last tomorrow, tried tapering ... did not work.  I know I also need to exercise this time around and I have all the stuff needed to assist. I am guessing I will be on here this weekend looking for support. Congratulations to all of you who are doing it right now! Hang in there.  
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I think it is because you know how you are going to feel and the symptons that are going to come. I think its great you have decided to quit not only for you but your family. You are upbeat about it which helps. Good luck to you and I wish you the best!
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I REALLY am trying to keep a positive frame of mind and praying.  It makes a huge difference. Now I just need to get the exercise in there! I took some days off of work as well. Thank you for writing back. Hope things are well with you.
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Hey!  Sorry you are going through it again.  Make this the last time, so you never have to waste your time being sick again! : )

You know the drill, ok?  Do everything in your power to stay hydrated and take lots of baths.  Gatorade helped me a lot.  

You can do this!!!
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Thank you -- love the encourasement. I had another kidney stone attack along with a kidney infection and UTI, once i ger them pain meds it is so hard to get off them. YES - this will be my last,. If I ever have another attack, my husband will be doing the meds for me.  As everyone, you think you can handle it when you feel good. It does not work like that! I used gatorade the last time and it helped alot! I am sure I will be talking with you this weekend! Thank you
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Good Luck! Those things are defiantly painful and if it does happen again let your hubby be in control of the pills. Also try and get into some aftercare. Once an addict always an addict. I suffer from chronic pain and I know another surgery is in the future but I have a plan in action when I do it. You know the drill hun and we are all here if you need to talk. It will be over soon! Each day will get better! Praying for you!
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