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Starting day 2

I feel better today, already, than I did yesterday. I am on amino acids, LOTS of vitamins, and I put ankle weights around my ankles as often as I can to help with the leg pain.

I don't lie in bed. I get up and move. I tapered, so not everyone can do this. BUT, if you are tapering, and you do it right,  you CAN and WILL make it. But only if you have the absolute desire to NEVER CHASE THE HIGH AGAIN.

I have not had one single craving since I flushed the remaining pills.

I have stayed close to Med Help, my boyfriend, my friends in recovery, etc.

I have deleted phone numbers, prayed continuously (for those of you who believe in anything), bathed more than I ever have, and stayed true to my desire.

I am not where I want to be, no. But, I am where I am supposed to be. And day two aint so bad!!!

I slept 10 hours.

No naps during the day!!

If you are lurking, you can do this. Post. It helped me. Med help and all my new friends helped me. I received many messages last night of encouragement....THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKIN' ABOUT!!!!
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Sounds to me like you better get on Brian's list!!!!!

You are doing amazing.  Staying busy is the best thing you can do.  Also, keep that positive attitude.  

Remember, come here often.  It helps to keep you focused.

I knew you could do this!!!!!  That's what I'M talking about!!!!!

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thank you very much and God Bless You !!!!! and I will be back to the site after church and my meeting so please keep talking to me that will help the both of us.
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already on his list, mister. You are 2 hours tooo late!!
Thanks, again, for your "magic"
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You got it, my H-town friend.
You can do this....
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Congrats on day 2!!! Here in a couple days you will be over the hump and feeling much better!! Keep staying busy just like you have been. The aminos really do help. You are doing a great job! I'm pulling for ya!!
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WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to go!!!  Congrats on day 2!!  You are rockin in the free world girl.......Keep it going!!!               sara
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YAY!!!!! i am so proud of you.  i think a lot of people can't quit because of an irrational fear of the unknown.  they think that they will just no be able to function at all but it's just not true and you are proof.  you can function, you just have to deal with the pain.  but amy, it will go away...I SWEAR TO YOU....

i am day 38, i swear i'm almost but not quite back to complete normal.
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Thanks babe! Feeling pretty bad now. Too much exercise, I think...Oh wait, no...wasn't that. It was too many opiates....momentary psychosis....(:
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hahahaha, sorry it's not funny how you're feeling but that made me laugh.
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No, not funny how I am feeling, but right now, humour and hope- that's all I have!!!
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