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Suboxone vs. Subutex time before taking it

I am an opiate addict for 25+ yrs.  Given pain pills by doctors and after going into remission I had no pain.  Didn't realize my body would get sooooo sick.  They got me down to 40mgs. of oxy really fast and basically i was on my own.  The doctor said goto the Methadone clinic.  i was on that for years off and on.  Now i am doing about 10-14 bags a day.  saw a new doctor and got suboxone.  ive taken it before and dont remember it being so bad. waited about 18 hours and took 4mgs then an hour later 8mgs.OMG o got worse than i was.  I waited 5 hours til morning and ran and bought 8 bags.  now she prescribed 24mgs a day of subutex and i need to get on those
. I am a medical professional so I understand the pharmacology.  My question is how long should I wait. Is Suboxone different from Subutex when it comes to the amount of time before you take it?  Heroin has a really short half life.  Any info is appreciated
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Subutex and Suboxone are the same drug, buprenorphine. Taken orally, the naloxone in Suboxone is rendered inert, it is an iv prevention drug. Google COWS chart, Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale, that will tell you when to induce subs. An amount of time is not a good way to gauge it, all our bodies metabolize different.
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