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Thanks to everyone and sorry for being so absent

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me reach my 60 day mark, and so sorry for not writing back to my friends...but the past 5 days have been horrible for me...I went to my doc for a long overdue physical, and he told me to get a shingles vaccine.  I did that Friday and had a terrible reaction..they aren't sure if its an allergic reaction to the live vaccine or a bacterial infection from the injection, but I've been on IV antibiotics for the weekend, and now home with major broad spectrum antibiotics that are wreaking havoc on my system ( digestive, thrush, yeast infections...the whole works!!).  Honestly, I've felt so lousy since Friday that I've not taken time to write back to all those people who have helped me and I promise to do so in the next few days as I get back on my feet!!
And to top things off, the person I left with my dogs let them get into something, and I came home from the hospital to a house full of dog barf and diarrhea...just what I needed on top of feeling like crap!  So 2 of my dogs required IV fluids from dehydration and they are back at home now and we're all recuperating.  Good news is that my physical was good...I was so worried about damage I had done to my liver from drugs but my liver was completely normal and that was a relief.  Just some thyroid and vitamin D problems...and FourJays...do you know there is a specific forum here on MH for Recovering from Vitamin D Deficiency?  Interesting reads....but again, just a huge thanks to Vic, Clean, FourJays, ActingBrandNew and the others who have helped me through this journey.  I couldn't have gotten my life back without you, so you all are a godsend to me.  BTW I also read (thanks  to FourJays...my idol), that PAWS tends to occur at the 30,60,90 and 120 day marks most pronounced, and also that symptoms tend to peak with the lunar cycle of the full moon?  Unfortunately, my 30 60 and 90 days fall right about the time of the full moon, so a double whammy!!  May explain why my immune system couldn't take the vaccine....just a thought...but all, thanks again for really savaging my life.  I wouldn't be here to thank you without e help and support I have received.  d Clean...have just ordered enteric coated garlic, ester-C and a mag/cal/zinc supplement to add to my regimen!  Thanks for all the advice.
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First I want to say GREAT JOB on the clean time...So sorry you had to go though all that H***...You Stayed STRONG all the way...I am sooooo proud of you, that must of been a tuff one...You have been doing your homework I see....Thank you for the inspiring post..Awsome!!!!!!! lol
Are you feeling better Today? I will pray for you...
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Vic, thanks for everything..you have been such a inspiration to me.  And I love the moose pics...was born and raised In
Canada, so appreciate the wilderness...miss seeing the wildlife that I am so used to seeing.  Please keep posting your pics...both of the wildlife and your dogs...gives me great pleasure and happiness!   Am a huge dog lover and your dogs look soooo happy at the lake.  Wish I could be there!!!
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Have you seen the updated pics????Just put in last night.. lol
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And When i was iin the hospital they asked me if I needed something for pain.....and I said NO!  Was such a remarkable feeling!!
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Yes! They are what got me thru today!  i love the pics of your dogs jumping like crazy at the lake!!!
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wow sorry you had all that happen to you .you are doing great .  
I would not psych myself out about lunar cycles day marks or even PAWS in general.   The jury is still out on if paws is even a real condition.Once it gets into your head though it can wreak havoc.  Just go day by day and know that some days we are just going to feel a little down.No syndrome necessary.lol
Great job and keep it up !!
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Ricart, thanks.  I know we've not connected on a personal level, but I've always read your posts, and I appreciate your candor and honesty to everyone who has asked for help.  I know not to get too connected to anything at this point. Especially when the "authorities"  say things....the folks on this frum and their personal experiences ave helped me more than any research could have.......it is a day by day learning process!!!
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What is up with your luck lately my friend?  Just trying to be proactive with your health and look what happens!!!  But as usual, you will get through this just fine I am sure.  You are one of the strongest people I know.  This is the girl that THREW AWAY hundreds of pills that came in the mail just days into a detox from a cold turkey quit.  Who does that?????  I surely don't know if I could have.  It has been a tough road for you I know, but no matter how hard it's been you just keep pushing on.  I am SO proud of you - 60 days clean!!!  I hope you feel better very soon so that you can do something nice for yourself - you deserve it more than words can say.  Congratulations!!!  You are the best :))
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And you remained sober! Yeah and congrats!
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And yeah remained sober  mainly because I didn't want to disappoint myself or the people on here who have helped so much.  I can't thank you enough for helping me get my life back.  It's not all roses, but it is LIFE and I am so much happier.
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Glad to see you back, girl!!  YEAH on your 60 DAYS!!!  That's a BIGGIE!!
Sorry to hear about your reaction to the vaccine/injection....and having to be on iv antibiotics (and your poor dogs on iv too? geez!)
Such an ordeal.....and you are still clean!!!!

After a massive dose of antibiotics not to mention that vaccine, after a few days off the antibiotics.....you would GREATLY benefit with a probiotic to rebuild intestinal flora.....rebuild that "good" bacteria since antibiotics kill
ALL of it....the good AND the bad.  From what I've learned, if you give yourself a couple days after totally completing the antibiotic intake, then the probiotics can really go to work efficiently....if you were to take them while still having the antibiotic in your system.....they basically are destroyed and a waste of moola....There are some really good probiotics out there...I like the multidophilus that is refrigerated myself.  Yogurt with live cultures is beneficial, too.....as long as there isn't a real high sugar content in the yogurt.....that can cancel out some of the benefits.

Another tid bit...antibiotics and cigs both pull Vit C from our bodies so I'm really glad to hear you are adding more Vit C.  Course, we already talked about the additional benefits of Vit C for recovering opiate addicts.....it assists us in detoxification and helps lessens our cravings.

You're a trooper......be gentle with yourself....so glad your overall physical went well and you have a happier liver than you thought....lol
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so glad you are ok now!!  and kudos for turning down the pain meds!  that took guts! you go girl!  you are doing so well!  and congrats on that 60 days!  amazing!  
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God Bless you & A Huge Congrats on your hard won 60 days. Sounds like you're doing all the right things for yourself! You deserve it. I wish you every continued success in this and all things.
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