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Tomorrow is day 28, I need suggestions please.

Hi all. Tomorrow will be 28 days clean of Roxie's.
History I was put on lortab 3 1/2 years ago for bladder disease and a condition which makes me produce and pass kidney stones often.. Sometimes 4-5 stones a month.

A year later a bad car wreck messed my back up, and I need surgery now, but can't get until fall.

My RX's always lasted.. But only because I would take 1 pill on days I was home. Which, due to an autoimmne disorder was often. I developed that a year before being prescribed the pills. I don't have many days I feel like doing social stuff ( on pills and before) so when I did, I would take lots of pulls just to be able to go to the movies pain free.

My back pain is manageable as long as I'm careful now. ( off pills) I need a wheelchair for the grocery store, etc. but that's ok.

I am trying hard to wait out and evaluate my true pain, as I have learned on here it may be worse with meds?

Well, am three days in now with a kidney stone and I am going insane. The pain is horrific. I want to injure another part of my body to take away some if this. Irrational yes.

When I worked I was in health care. I have bleeding ulcers and am allowed no NSAIDs. However, even knowing what it's doing to my stomach, I am eating Aleve, Excedrin and ibuprofen like crazy. Because the pain is so severe I don't care. But it's not working.
I'm using heat, ice, Epsom salt baths.

But I can't deal with it. They sometimes take 7 days to pass. I have had some that needed broken up in the hospital, but most I just pass at home.

I'm very weak right now and afraid ill call the doctor tomorrow. So I desperately need some advise, suggestions, .. Something.

Has anyone found a natural herbal supplement for pain that can help possibly with my kidney stones? I'm desperate

Sorry, I didn't want to post this reading all the positive stuff today, but I'm going insane.

Also need to add due to a rare heart condition, I'm not allowed excersises that up my heart rate.
I can only lay in the floor, do mild leg lifts and the like.

I'll take any advise or suggestions you all have. I really really need it. I'm so angry with my body. And totally out of ideas.

Thank you all so much for reading this long post.
I love this board. I have no cravings or desire for pills. But I can't take this pain.. I'm lost and scared what to do.
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I am really sorry to hear you are in so much pain.  Look you made it this far, so you know you can do it.  If you truly need medication for your pain and you use it for the short time (7 days as prescribed) then it is not a relapse.

Do you have someone that can hold the medicine for you? doal it out?

We are not made to suffer just because we are addicts.  If we need it for a true condition, I believe it ok
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Thank you so much for answering me. I am slowly going crazy. I have passed one during this time, a couple weeks ago, but got really lucky and it only lasted two days. But this one is much worse, and the prolonged pain is what's driving me insane.

I do have somebody that will hold them. I am just so scared. I was doing ok mentally. But this is more than I can take. So I feel weak. I'm trying so hard not to call. But this one is horrendous.

Thanks for listening, it means so much. :)
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If you got this far and keep the right attitude then you can do it.  I won't lie to you, it will be tough mentally because you will wake the addiction but if you stick to someone else holding them and then get rid of them when you don't need them anymore you will be ok
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Taking pain pills for severe kidney stone pain is not "drug seeking" behavior....kidney stones can be excruciatingly painful.  If you need the relief, then give yourself permission.  You "know" what is abuse vs what is medically necessary.  Having someone hold the meds and give them to you is a GREAT idea.  Taking NSAIDS w/former bleeding ulcer history is NOT wise.  Also, my hubby has had stones and also has stage 3 kidney disease....he is FORBIDDEN....absolutely NOT suppose to take ANY kind of NSAID!  They affect your kidneys......and acetaminophen your liver.
If you have have kidney stones and a history of stomach bleeding....PLEASE stop taking the NSAIDS.....get some help if you don't pass this stone and be good to yourself.  Pain pills were meant to help w/pain.....and you know the difference between "finding an excuse" or legit pain.....take care of YOU OK???
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Here's a couple of things my hubby and I have learned and used for kidney stones:

"For pain relief, drink the juice of half of a fresh lemon in 8 oz of water every half-hour until the pain subsides.  You can alternate between lemon juice and fresh apple juice."

"Drink plenty of quality water...at least 3 qts daily.
By far the single most important measure one can take to prevent kidney stones from forming is to increase water consumption.  Water dilutes urine and helps prevent concentrations of minerals and salts thaqt can form stones.  (chronic dehydration is a MAJOR factor in kidney stone disease in 15-20% of people)"

"Most kidney stones will eventually pass by themselves." Depending on the type and size of your stone."  (see your doctor if you can't pass)

I know, Barb, you said you can't exercise much.  But here's a goofy thing that was also suggested that works for those who can do it, "By drinking a large amount of liquid (preferably water), allow twenty min for digestion and then run up and down stairs vigorously.  This has been known to allow small, stubborn kidney stones to pass naturally."

I have no idea how much water you drink or what kind of water.  Lots of opinions out there about that.  For my hubby, he didn't even know he HAD kidney disease until it was already to stage 3 and could not pass a pre-op test to have his ankle fused.  We got EDUCATED REAL fast.....he drinks LOTS of water and his filtration rate just keeps improving.  He fought me on this for a LONG time......(before the kidney disease diagnosis) and told me he "hated" drinking water.  Now....he KNOWS it may save his life and may force him to dialysis or a transplant if he DOESN"T willingly drink water.  Each 3 mo test, his numbers are getting better.  So it WORKS!!

Opiate addiction and recovery also.....LOTS OF WATER.
Hydration is a HUGE part of recovery, too.  It helps with our pain, flushes out toxins, keeps our b/p stable, helps w/rebound pain and more.
I have chronic back pain and issues.....and I always feel better if my water consumption is where it should be.  All my nutritional books have taught me to drink  steam-distilled water.  I quote "Once consumed, steam-distilled water leaches inorganic minerals rejected by the cells and tissues out of the body."  We have been drinking it for soooo long, any other water tastes funny to us.  Very controversial topic, I realize, but the info I shared above all came out of the big book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" and is my "bible" on health issues.  Hope you pass that stone....and if not, please get some help from your doc....and don't suffer needlessly, ok girl??
Blessings to you~  
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Thank you do much for the info. That you would take the time to gather that for me is so sweet.

I am sending my bf to get the lemons and apple juice now. I have never heard that.

I do drink water constantly, my specialist recommended that, but it's just tap. I will look up steam distilled. Is that something you can buy?

I have constant UTI's. So much so I'm on daily antibiotics, 365 days a year. I questioned this, afraid of building a tolerance to them, but both my urologist and nephrology dr are in agreement on it.

I have visiable hematuria
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Sorry, on phone and always hit post before I want to...
I have visiable hematuria everyday.

I'm going to try very hard to get through tonight. I'm having a hard time with water, I'm throwing up badly, I have Ginger Root and zorfran but can't keep them down.

I'm so sick, and so hurting, but going to try all the suggestions ( except the steps.. I can't even do normal stress tests, I go into SVT )

I appreciate your support immensely. Not positive I can do this without the Dr, but going to try all that tonight and see, instead of paging the Dr.

Thank you both so much.

And Clean.. Tell your hubby he's in my prayers! I would rather go through labor a hundred times over than this.

( you all should see my happy dances when I finally do pass the stones, they are pretty hilarious) :)
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Also, no more NSAIDs for me! I was told the same, DO NOT TAKE.

This kinda pain makes common sense go out the window. Thanks for reminding me. No use doing more harm to my body!
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So glad you will stop the NSAIDS.....yes!!  And about the water....we just buy gallon jugs of distilled at Walmart for $.83/jug.  We buy LOTS of water, but as I said above, there is a documented reason for drinking this type.  We keep two gallon jugs in the fridge at all times.  We both have water bottles we keep filled.  I have a couple 33 oz (liter I think) bottles that I fill several times thruout the day...I put them in the freezer, set the timer, and then have REALLY cold, kinda icy water which I put in a koozie sports holder.  It goes down really good for me if it's ICE cold.
I haul that with me EVERY where I go like a dang baby bottle LOL.  I disinfect and wash my bottles regularly.  We live in the country and have well water, but our well was dug so deeply, our water has a lot of total dissolved solids in it and I've done so much research on water....I won't drink it since I drink SO much and believe in the huge health benefits of drinking A LOT.  So, if you have a Walmart or any grocery store, they all have distilled water in gallon jugs.  LOTS of peeps drink it....sometimes the shelves are empty ha!
Another question for you....since you are on antibiotics 365 days/yr...do you take a probiotic or acidophilus or anything like that?  How much vit C?
Just curious....both antibiotics, cig smoking and most medications pull vit C from our bodies and that's one vit we don't produce.  Can't get enough in just food if you have an acute disorder of some kind.
Okay....guess I better go to bed.  Glad you are so open to new ideas.  I really hope you'll quit drinking the tap water...and give yourself a little time to adjust your tastebuds if you do switch.  It's different but I don't like anything else we've been drinking it for so many yrs! Like over 15 yrs!!

Hope you aren't suffering w/this stone too bad by now...tonight.
And sure hope they find out why you HAVE so many stones....cause that is obviously causing your hematuria.....thinking bout ya!  Goodnight~
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Thank you again for the info.

I must say I had a "here's your sign" ( blue collar comedy tour) moment when you said steam distilled water last night. I guess the pain isn't helping me think straight.

This is rather ironic. I bought a shark steam and vac mop awhile back. The directions indicate using only distilled water, because regular water would leave build ups within the mechanism.

A) it didn't dawn on me steam distilled was the same thing until you said plain distilled and B) if it's not good for the mop, why didn't I stop to think it might not be good for your body lol.

I don't take Vit C. Well, I have been taking a multivitamin since I stopped this on Jan 1st. Previously I only took prescription sodium pills, Vit D and B12 shots. I have been deficient in those for a couple of years. I will for sure get some. And probiotic as well. I have seen commercials but never really bothered to see what they were for.
I haven't had a CBC in a long time. I lost my insurance. My savings from working is slowly dwindling paying for the meds I must take. And Dr visits. My ER bill from having to have 5 stones surgically removed, well, I'll be paying on it forever! I am eligible for Medicare in the fall.
I imagine my body is now low on a lot of things, my gastro problems prevent my eating solid foods during flare ups. August-November I was on a liquid diet. Broth and smoothies.

I made it through the night. Not sure if I can keep going without calling the Dr, this stone is just so severe, but I'm trying. I think I have been typing this well over an hour between bouts of rocking and screaming!

Today is day 28, and I hate to throw it away. I'm not sure how much more I can take though. I feel very weak minded for even thinking about the Dr.

I want to thank you again. I have a couple questions about the removal of opiates that have me concerned a little, and have been wanting to ask a female in private. Would you mind if I messaged you? I have read so many of your posts on here. You are amazing in your research on the body! I can't find this answer on the Internet. Thank you Clean.

Hope you and anyone reading this has an awesome day.
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I broke down and called the Dr. That in itself has me upset. I have 28 days!

But I'm not superwoman, this kidney stone is getting the best of me. The pain is indescribable.

I am on day 4 of the stone, and if it goes to day 7, it always means its took big to pass. So instead of getting a whole months meds, I asked for three days worth only.

They aren't here yet, my bf is going to pick up from the office. So I can hope and pray the stone passes before the pills come.

Will you all be disappointed in me? If I must take, am I know longer welcome here, and must move to cronic pain? I still want to fight. I want to take only until stone passes. Even with just three days worth, I am still handing off to be dispensed to me. I won't hold them myself. I have told my secret. Did that day 7.

I truly can't fight it ( the pain) any longer. Kidney stones are excruciating, and I'm going crazy.

I want so badly to stay clean. I mean, take what I need only, and go right back to no meds. I think I did well with my 28 days. My anxiety has lessened, and have not had cravings at all. I was seeing light, and hope. Even made plans for a girls weekend with my best friends. We are going next month to a chalet at a ski resort. I can't do any sking because of my health issues, but told them I would be happy to sit in the outdoor hot tub on the deck overlooking the slopes.

I have a lot to look forward too off pills. I have started working my home business again with a plan in place to expand.

Thoughts please? It's inevitable I am going to need something to get through this kidney stone (s). I have fought it 3 1/2 days now, but can't take more. It's getting worse, in fact, scared its to big to pass alone. But I don't go see until 7 days has passed.

I believe asking for only 3 days, and having someone hold is the only thing I can do.
I'm sorry to everyone. It's terrible to come on here and say I will probably be taking something within a few hours, unless it miraculously passes. Please don't think badly of me. I guess I'm not strong enough to endure this pain any longer.
Funny thing is, I'm not looking forward to the pill. Just the pain relief.

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Oh Barb.....I'd just hug you right now if I could.....OF COURSE you are still welcome here.....NO WAY did you let ANYBODY down......and you are NOT a disappointment!!!  You need to know you are not throwing away your clean time/days by taking pain meds for an excruciatingly painfull kidney stone....you've given it your ALL, girl....you haven't passed the dang stone yet!!  Lovingly give yourself relief.....OK????

There may be times in all recovering people's lives when they have a need for pain meds.  ALL the things you are doing here while waiting to pass the stone are COMMENDABLE!!!  You are only getting enough pain medication for 3 days and are having someone hold them.  This is NOT drug seeking, addictive behavior, Barb!!  You have been a trooper waiting this out.....give yourself a break.  
The light and hope you are seeing is STILL there.....and pretty soon, the kidney stone WILL NOT be, LOL  
I feel bad that you even thought you wouldn't be welcome or would need to move to the chronic pain forum:(    You are NOT relapsing here.....
You are doing great in more ways than you know....and I'm sure it's hard to even begin to belive that with the amount of pain you are in.
PLEASE be good to yourself today.....and pamper yourself "guilt free" until you pass this stone.  I will be thinking of you ALL day and ALL the time...
Bear Hug and Blessings from me to YOU~
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Oh...forgot....OF COURSE you can message me!!!  Pretty much my life is an open book......haha
Usually, I'm on and off MedHelp all day and/or night!!  
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Clean.. Thank you so much. I am bawling like a baby reading your response. Good tears though!

I wouldn't be able not to be on here. I need this forum, and have made some pretty good friends already.

I have taken a half. My goal is not to be completely pain free ( impossible anyway) but to make it somewhat tolerable, with the least amount I can get by with. They aren't in my hands, and won't be. And I took it half an hour ago, and have a little relief. I think enough I can stick to halves. Oh, Im still withering, but its tolerable, for now.

I have my first one on one counseling tomorrow. It will have to be rescheduled if I still haven't passed this, but I got the appt very quickly, so if I must reschedule, I feel sure I can get back in next Monday.

I am truly hopeful, and despite this setback, I will continue to fight.

You have been so incredibly helpful. I felt alone not knowing what to do until I posted last night.

And it feels good to cry happy tears. They are from the fact someone I don't know cares. I'm not sure why I know I care for people, but can't get that people ( Internet friends) would actually care for me. I guess I need to work on my self esteem some!

Hugs back! And thank you, I will message you. That's not a huge issue, just curious. :)
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just wanted to say, you are doing great Barb!  you have suffered and held off long enough....give yourself a break...you are doing all you can to not suffer and stay clean at the same time....just because we are addicts doesn't mean we have to suffer in pain....you are doing a great!  hope the stone passes soon and you are out of pain  :)  
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Thanks tooth! Still fighting it, stubborn thing. Have managed to get to a tolerable level ( not going totally insane level) taking only 1/4 of prescribed dosage.

This is setback, but so badly want to live a clean life! I appreciate your comment. :)
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Barb, I just wanted to chime in that taking a narc for a kidney stone when other remedies have failed is a example of a proper issue of narcotics to us "red flagged" folks.  They can be excruciating.  Do not feel guilty, just take them as prescribed with someone you have told your secret to helping, and get rid of them the second you do not need them.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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Bryan, thanks so much for the support!

I finally passed my stone a few hours ago. I believe the stubborn stone was a millimeter within having to have it surgically broken up!

I did it with the bare minimum. 4 1/2 pills. I broke them in halves. So, 14 1/2 are now being disposed of.

I hate being back on day 1, and I guess the WDs will hit soon, but I couldn't do the stone alone.

I see I have some private messages. From yesterday morning until it passed was the worse time, so I want to thank everyone for their support, and will get the messages answered today.

I'm going to try sleep as I have had none since this started, but that must be my payback for not having insomnia during my 27 days clean!

Once again thanks for all the support. I was lost!
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FINALLY.....you passed that s*cker!!  Such RELIEF you must feel.

And you are NOT back at Day 1, Barb!!!  You did NOT put that pill into your mouth with your "addict" brain in charge!  You struggled for several DAYS trying to avoid even taking ONE pain pill at all while you were laborously trying to pass that damn stone!!  You ONLY got enough pills to medically see you thru your 7 day window for passing the stone and still only took 4 1/2 pills.  You have been AMAZING!!  And now you're gonna flush what's left of that mere 3 day supply you limited yourself to.  So happy for you!
You took them for excruciating PAIN....a VALID, MEDICALLY NECESSARY reason.    Big diff from drug seeking...relapse thinkin...premeditating...flirtin w/danger...romancing the dang pills..  .you handled this exactly how NON-addicts deal w/kidney stones.  Be so PROUD of yourself...you deserve it.

Celebrating your 27 Days with you!!! and be sure to post your clean time on the roll call going on, ok???  Our hearts and our scheming brains KNOW the difference.....and you did NOT relapse, Barb~
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Wait a minute, not 27 days.....aren't you celebrating you BIG 30 DAYS????
4626633 tn?1382600722
Thanks so much clean! You're response made me feel better about myself. This is all a learning process.. Big time!!

I quit Jan 2nd. Jan 1st was the last day taking. I think I need to set up the tracker. It would be nice to see each day.

I'm going to post on the roll call. I wasn't going to :)

I have my appt tomorrow with the counselor. Nervous though. I called this morning and they got me in tomorrow.

I don't know what to say to be honest!

That I took more on days I went out? That although my RX's lasted, I abused them by hoarding so when I went out, it could be in less pain? I'm serious about not knowing what to tell him. That I had to have one every morning or I would faint? ( my BP is always very low when I wake)  I have been to AA meetings with my ex, I may try those eventually. But they are to far to drive alone ( due to my autoimmue disorder) and would need rides. So, any suggestions where to start with the one on one counselor?

I hope he's nice. I don't do well with stuffy drs!

On a positive note, this 4 1/2 pills, last one 11 last night, didn't seem to awaken anything. My desire is as strong as ever to stay clean.

I'm going to stick with distilled water too. Anything to help prevent or at least lessen the frequencies of stones.

I'm actually excited for the first time since quitting! I mean, I am beginning to see life clean.
I must say reading everyone's stories that have been clean for awhile helps so much.

I cannot say thanks enough! :)
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