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What can I do if I have been red flagged?

I have been going to the same psychiatrist for over 5 years and have been recently given Concerta three months ago. During this time, the Concerta dose moved up 3 times and was given a new script. Some of these scripts were turned in during the same month.The doctor added on ritalin on a separate script one month. I have turned in these prescriptions mostly to the same pharmacy, but when at Walmart I have turned them in there. When turning in my last prescription, the pharmacist stated she would not fill out the script because I have gone to Walmart and my ritalin was given to me too early. She gave me my script back, and is still in my wallet. So, I'm thinking I've been red flagged. I am waiting to discuss this with my doc office. Any advice?  
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This is a forum for addicts who are trying to get clean.  You'll get better answers elsewhere I think.
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Hi itwillbedone.. It dose not sound to me like you are red flagged in that you are in the computer system to not fill meds.. From what I understand the Phrmachist herself would not fill them and gave you back the script It sounds like you can have it filled elsewhere.. Pharmacist have the right to refuse a script if they think it is too soon too many our wrong with other meds This one sounds like she has made it her personal policy not to refill before due date.. The pain Management group may know a thing our 2 about this. So post there also. I hope you get this straightened out. take care, lesa
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thanks for the heads up. Sorry I was on the wrong community.
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Sorry, when I looked for similar questions, they were on this forum. Plus, no other community has adults taking these meds.
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Are you taking the meds as prescribed?  Are the scripts coming from the same doctor?
Same doctor who I had for years, and taking it as prescribed.
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Do you have insurance?
If so, it might of been to early. All pharmacy do this now. It has to be at least 28-30 days before another refill. Also, when a person gets pain pills from a Dr, they usually have to sign a contract that they will get ALL pills from one pharmacy only. There could be exception too, like if you were out of the area.

Hope all goes OK.
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