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Withdrawal medication question??

My addiction specialist gave me a medication for withdrawals, as Im experiencing high anxiety, it feels like theirs a golf ball stuck in my throat, ugh, regardless the name of it is, Oxazepam, has anyone had any experience with this drug? I took one pill a hour ago & feel much more relaxed, I also have clonidine but Im saving that for bedtime, I also kinda fear taking the clonodine, as I already have such low blood pressure, but the doctor told me that this is ok, what I really must check is my pulse, if its lower then 50 beats per minute I shouldnt take it, other wise its ok. I hate to have to take these pills but on the flip side Im glad I have em, and I would only take them when I really need them, neither of these drugs are my drug of choice but if the relieve some of these dang symtoms then so be it. Penelope
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Sorry I'm not familar with that drug, but the  pam at the end of it probably means its in the diazapam faimily, valium.  Someone should be along soon thats familar.  Glad your feeling better.  Hugs,   Mary
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Oxazepam is a benzodiazapine, same classification of drugs as Xanax (alprazolam), Ativan (Lorazepam), and Klonopin (Clonazepam).  It's a Schedule IV drug.  All benzos can be addictive, so be careful with it, and it should be tapered before stopping.  Your doc is right about the Clonidine, but it should be noted that your blood pressure does make a difference here, so be careful with it as well.  The oxazepam is an anti-anxiety/sedative hypnotic agent by the way.
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and allaboutmary's right, Valium (diazepam) is in the same family..
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I agree with mary, anything that ends in pam, is usually in the same family...But maybe one of the nurses will come on and tell u for sure..i would google it and be sure...As for me i have low blood pressure too, always have, i took the clonodine and did monitor my blood pressure the whole time...good luck to you
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I am a nurse, and in my facility, serax (oxazepam) is used frequently among my patients. The drug is similar to ativan. All medications that end in pam are usually some kind of anxiety reliever. Serax is a benzo, so you should be careful while taking it. You dont really have to worry about tapering, only if you are on it for an extended amount of time. I hope this helps?
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I was only given 10 pills, so I wont abuse them, they are working wonders on my sweating, I have never been a person who perspired at all, & now its a daily thing, this is the first time in weeks I havent been changing shirts ever hour, my anxiety is gone, & I feel much better, Thanks Penelope
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It sounds like you've got a good doctor to have limited the amount of pills available to you.  I wish you the best of luck, we're here for you....
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Serax helped me kick the done before. Don't suffer take the clonidine at night it will help you sleep. All the best
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