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am I addicted to Diazepam?

Hi last Sept had my first ever panic attack and was put on sertraline 50mg (zoloft) but didnt take until Oct and that  was only because I was given 2mg diazepam (valium) take as and when needed up to 3 times a day. Then on NYE had sertraline upped to 100mg and  told to carry on with diazepam as and when needed.

In this time frame I have done about 80 2mg tablets spread through out the last 14 weeks. The last week I have had flu/cold which has made my anxiety (I think) worse as in I am spaced out/lightheaded, fatigued, shortness of breath sonhave had the most diazepam I have had in one week, Mon - 1, Tues - 0 Weds - 2, Thurs - 1 Friday I had 3, yesterday I had 4. So in the last week I have had 11 x 2mg Diazepam. I woke up today and felt/still feel rubbish as in lightheaded/spaced out, breathing feels like I am gasping for deep breath when need one, I have no get up and go etc. I am still bunged up so breathing out my mouth but have a sore throat, lack of taste (normal cold/flu symptons) I haven't had a diazepam today (last 24 hours almost) because I am scared I am going to get or am addicted to them. I only just started feeling better this last weeek or so but now I feel like I did at the start of my anxious period.

I know some take 30mg/40mg/50mg diazepam a day so maybe it is the cold/flu making me feel like this but maybe it is my body telling me your hooked and give me a benzo

Any advice would be appreciated as its making me worse thinking about it all, last couple days I have had a diazepam and within an hour or so started to feel better but am scared to do this
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I am a bjt dissapointed no one has had any say in this but have being to my Doctor now regarding the Diazepam usage and we have figured out that since my initial panix attack 16th September and was given diazepam 1st November  to now I have had 98 diazepam prescribed (15 of them are here) so I have taken 83 in 12 weeks which averages to 1 2mg a day.

He said as I am not having them daily and usage isnt gone crazy I am fine carrying on
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