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anyone have knowledge about Trazodone?

Hey guys, I'm still here. :( I can see posts now lol! Anyway, husband has started taking trazodone. Anyone know about about this? Is it addictive? His added somas to it too. So I guess it's now somas, trazodone, hydros and who knows what else now. I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry I keep coming back. :(
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EDIT: Make that methocarbamol NOT soma
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trasadone is a type of antidepressant but its rarely used for that it is more often prescribed for sleep...its well known to make most people tired and 100mg is usually
enough to put most people to sleep..it is used commonly because it is considered
non addictive and fairly safe..I have taken it for yrs at a time but it no longer works for me but at one time it gave me a very restful sleep without any hangover
hopes this answers all your questions....Gnarly    
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trazodone is not addictive//it is used for sleep, anxiety and depression
methocarbanol is SOMA//generic//and is abused//and can be addictive//and is a controlled substance in some states
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I have had a different experience with Trazadone.  Although Trazadone is considered non addictive, it will give heavy withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly (like I stupidly did.)  I was only taking 50mg per night prescribed by my PCP and had been taking it for about 8 months.  

I wanted off all meds so I figured that since my dosage was low, all I would experience would be some insomnia.   Well, day two I started having hot/cold mass swings, sweats, sick to stomach, diarrhea...you know the drill.  It took about 4-5 days to get through it.  I actually didn't figure out that I was sick from Trazadone withdrawal until day 3 so I went ahead and toughted it out since I figured I was half way through it.

Google Trazadone Withdrawal and you will find lots of people that went through the same thing I did.  Also, Trazadone really played with my head and helped create a fog in my brain.  I was turning into a different person with it combined with the narcotics.

Just my 2 cents on Trazadone.
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Thank you gnarly, worried and Squid!

He started taking them without a script, trying to get away from withdrawls and addiction to the hydros. I dont know why he hasn't tried harder to do this the right way. I feel myself hurting more over this. Like he doesn't want us, he'd rather have the pills. It's been almost a year of this...
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Hi hunny

Yeah, you have to watch what you are taking when you withdrawal, some of the herbal stuff can be dangerous to. A lot of people swap one addiction for another. Sleep is a bugger when you withdrawal even the over counter sleeping stuff can be addictive and I have heard of people becoming addictive to herbal remedies to. Us addicts have easy suggest able minds. I have been clean from codeine now three weeks and two days through out my withdrawal period I tool Valeria root a couple of times and I took nightall an over counter sleeping aid three times. But some times if you stay awake and let the tablet dissolve you feel like your stoned. Talk again to you husband about your concerns. Keep posting
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Most need to taper off an AD if they have been on it for a while...trazodone is used for sleep and depression..anxiety..it is safer than using sub or trams, another narcotic for wds and safer to use for sleep than benzos...but with all meds there is a need to be cautious and know what we r putting into our body...and any substance which distorts the mind can be abused//even nyquil
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is trazodone bad for people with kidney failure?
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