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back to 3 days again cant believe I let this go so lng

Well I attempted get clean many times and here I am back at it been taking 5-10 10/325 mg a day for the past 4-yrs every time I try to quit I dont make it very long never this long since last yr I had 21 days clean and started done this horrible road again. The withdrawal this time are ok just a lot of Imodium the thought of still wanting the sickens me to death especially all Im going through. Sad sad
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Are you getting any kind of Support from Family, Friends, Meetings, Church, any at all.
What do you think causes you to keep going back??
There is so much that needs to change in your Life inside you and out around you.
I do know for me that I can not do this alone. There is so much that needed to change. I still keep changing as my time goes by even after a year & a half plus. This can be a amazing Journey if you just work hard on it and give it TIME!! I mean TIME & PATIENCE!! Not just during the detox phase, because that is done and over in no time, it is the work that has to be done when the mental starts and your new life begins.
We are here for you too..Stay close to the site and take in what all these Caring & Sharing Souls have to say out here.
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Yes I did today I went and joined a recovery clinic where I have to attend 3 meetings a week and was prescribed buprenorphine to help with the withdrawals which helped a lot. Hoping I didn't trade one bad habit for another dont no to much about this one went it for suboxone but they wanted to try this first. So im trying my best.
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Hun yes you have traded one addiction for another.
What were you taking hydros or percocets?
The withdrawal from the. Is much shorter.
I would seriously read around on the forum and research the subs.

As Vicki suggested getting support from meetings, church, exercising,
Changing people, places and things. Going to a counselor working on why you use this will be better than a sub program.
They will want to keep you on them for years. The withdrawal is much harder,
And Longer.
How much did they start you on?
You were only taking 50-100 mgs of pills.
Subs are much, much stronger.
Please stay on here.
Start a new thread titled something like.
" should I take subs"
You will get lots of opinions and responses.
Praying for you
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