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crying fits in the midst

i just found myself behind my closed bedroom door having one of the worst crying fits. i cant expect people who are sober to understand that every second i feel like transfering my soul to another body while this one heals. I cant expect to be monitored 24 hours a day while going through these jacked up mood swings. i hate myself for this. this is why im so angry...because i allowed myself to get to a point where im addicted to something so lifeless.

I just wanna make it through the night peacefully. thinking of going to get melatonin from wal mart, but i dont wanna leave this room, let alone dry these tears do something with my hair so i dont look like a crazy lady and go in public wheni just wanna sleep!

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The emotional roller-coaster is a tough one to ride out..just let it flow.  This is part of the process and you will get thru this!  Give it time.  We spend all our drug days numbing our emotions and now those emotions are coming out.  Push through this...it is so worth it!
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Just remember this is all for the best! Think about how great you will feel is you really do get off everything. Remind yourself this is all chemical - none of this has a real reflection on you as a person. If you need to cry - just cry. It can be healthy! You will get through this - keep going, it honestly does get better. xx
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It is part of recovery. Hang in there!!!
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