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day 17 & really distressed

I feel worse than ever today. I barely have the energy to get out of bed.I have no support system whatsoever. I tried aa/na meetings but I am hearing impaired and could not hear anything, just escalates my anxiety. Online groups someone suggested, but really would like a human being and a warm hug. Regardless, the shape I'm in, I could not even make it to a meeting. I'm in serious trouble here. Yes, I know it takes time for the body/brain to heal but to be deteriorating feels like something is not right. I am eating, taking vitamins doing all the things that have been advised on this site. I was taking in some walks but am now too weak and depressed. I pray & pray for help, strength, guidance.
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Sorry you are feeling so bad.I felt all kinds of horrible on day 17.You could be getting sick too because there is a ton of low grade stuff going around.I have been ill for about a week now.Not the flu but annoying and draining.
I wish they would talk louder in those meetings.It seems like the ones that talk the longest talk the softest and get down to an almost whisper at times.
Anyway  hang in there please.It will get better and it could be right around the corner.The alternative will never be any good anyway
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I am so sorry your feeling this way:(. I would give a big hug if I could. Hang in there!!!. Do you take anything for depression. Im on day 12 so you have me beat. We can do this. You are not alone in this. There are others right there with you. I know Ive had my days. Do something to keep yourself occupied. I know this is hard. Ive had these days and afraid of more to come but its all worth it in the end.
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Sorry to hear you are feeling so low today.....until you feel physically well enough to leave your home and find some "skin on" hugs and support, maybe some phone calls reaching out and asking for help right now today, would help.  I just "binged" (or googled) na or aa for hearing impaired.
There are resources and several sites to read about where others post their similar situations; you may be able to relate or get some suggestions that way..
A friend, family member, or even a phone call to an NA or AA group and sharing what you are currently feeling and dealing with may yield some really great and surprising results.  Someone may even be willing to just come sit and talk w/you.  Recovering people are AMAZING and full of compassion......hope you'll hang on......no two days are the same~
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so sorry you are feeling so bad!  reach out to family or friends like clean suggested above....if possible....and you very well could be coming down with something....but i went thru the same things.....good days and then felt horrible the next...it's a roller coaster, so we just have to ride it out the best we can!  keep posting for support!  let us know how you are doing!
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Oh Hun! I totally understand the hearing loss, and how isolated and anxious it can make you feel.

I cannot hear at Church, or anyplace with a big room. I can't watch most tv shows because I can't hear, and the close captioning is too fast to read. I can hear at the movies, since our theater has headphones for hearing impaired. I get the how lonely it can make you feel.. Even at a small table in a restaraunt, I cannot hear my companions, because of background noise.

So, I haven't made it to a meeting yet due to being non opiate related sick, but I looked them up, and when I do go, I'm selecting the one in a place I know is tiny, with normal ceiling heights. Do you live in a town with several meeting choices? Perhaps you can find a different one, that isn't as highly attended, maybe due to a weird time or something, and try there.

Don't give up. The frustration of driving to a meeting, then finding you can't hear a word, have no idea why everyone just laughed, or cried, is enough to depress you, to where you have physical symptoms again.

Hugs and prayers..
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Thank you for your support, it brings me comfort during this difficult time. Barbrtr, yes I have gone to several different meeting venues, but when I feel a little better, I will try some in another town close by; thank you for your insight, hard for someone who does not know the challenges. I don't have any immediate family close by, they are in Canada or Ireland; my spouse passed away some time ago, then I became ill and the outcome is that I've found myself to be rather isolated. I sound like I'm ancient but I'm in my 50's. Cheers to you all and best wishes.
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