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day 3

I am at my 3rd day tapering.  I just took my regular 4 pills this morning.  I feel like crap now because I am so weak.  I should be able to just walk away from this crap.  It's NonNarcotic they said.  I have a horrible addictive personality.....I never should have tried this.  Now almost 3 years later- one grand maul seizure and countless ruined days, I am here.  Tramadol. I hate you.
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I havent sleep in 2 days- I have horrible stomach cramps= body cramps- I wish I could hibernate thru this bull:::t.  I feel like I am dying.
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Tramadol is horrible....PM avisg about it. She continually warns people about the dangers of this drug. Doctors just hand it out and seem to think it isn't addictive.

Good luck and stay strong. You will make it through this. Keep up the taper and get your life back!
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