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day 9 loving life

I wanted start by thanking everyone here! Thanks you so much for the support and giving me the confidence to fight and to enjoy this life that I was blessed with. I am at day 9 and I feel amazing I live and love and enjoy my life. I don't have the need or want to ruin my life again. I even workeda 10 hour day and was so sore and didnteven think or want a pill. Sleep has even got better. To all who are starting this battle and don't think you can do it I promise you that you can. Its hard together through but to live again is worth it. Love you all.  I am Here for anyone thatneeds help. I am mike and I am me again!!!!
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good job mike. now keep your guard up. be proud of your clean time guard it with your life. glad your you again....its good to be sober isn't it
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Fantastic work on 9 days!  I'm so happy to hear you feeling like you again!  Never forget the journey it took to get here and guard your sobriety at all costs!  Keep working towards recovery and your clean time will accumulate. Life will get better and brighter each day.

Proud of you....
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Great job on your clean time!!!  Keep moving forward.
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